Monday, February 21, 2011

Ken and Yoko

Things are going pretty well for me these days.  The sun is shining, Paul is biting me less, and I have gotten a lot of sleep lately, which is always nice.  Last week I finally got to see Ken Jennings play on Jeopardy!.  And, on Friday night, YOKO ONO decided to follow me on Twitter. 

I signed up for Twitter on Thursday evening after a few glasses of red wine (don't let the name of the blog fool you, we drink all kinds) at Cosmo's in celebration of Bunny's birthday.  The first person I decided to follow, Ken Jennings, duh.  After my love affair with Watson began last Monday, it was only fitting that I chose my favorite human Jeopardy! contestant of all time.  Right?  Watson blew me away last week.  I could go on and on about him, but you have probably heard enough.  Even though he can answer almost anything, and will probably revolutionize the organization of the massive amounts of information that we humans put out into the world every day, I still think Ken is even more impressive.  Ken Jennings is the poster child for cool nerds.  He is funny, clearly super smart, and not a jerk about it at all.  Considering I fancy myself to fall into that category (hello wizard obsession), I just love watching him play.  He makes me giddy.  Regretfully, I missed his winning streak back in 2004 because I was studying abroad.  So, last week was an extra special treat. 

After Ken, I picked Yoko.  She was talking about peace and love, and you know, I decided to give it a chance.  I love John Lennon with all my heart.  And, although it is contrary to how most people feel, I also love Yoko.  I don't think she was bad for him; I don't think he ever could have been quite that kind of a match with anyone else.  She is an inspiring woman.  About twelve hours after I started following her, she asked if she could follow me.  I understand this is probably just some bonus for choosing her second on Twitter, but I don't care.  I love her even more now!!

So thanks to Ken and Yoko for making last week so great for me.  With a trip to Chicago planned for this weekend, I imagine this one will be pretty spectacular as well.  I hope all of you are fighting off your case of the Mondays with gusto by remembering the small things that make life so fun. 

I'm in a great mood today,

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