Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Scentsy

Yesterday at work, I got my hands on some Play-Doh. Talk about a trip back to 1989 – one whiff of my new can, I felt like I was in kindergarten again. Play-Doh has the weirdest smell, and there is nothing like it. I highly recommend getting a can and soaking up its fumes – it’s like a modern day stress ball… or like the first sip of wine after a long day at work. (or whatever your recovery vice may be)

Permanent markers smell good too…but today, I would like to focus on Play-Doh. When I was a child, I got really upset when children would mix the Play-Doh colors. (That was probably the start of my OCD.) Looking back, it seems like the Play-Doh tools never really worked very well. Bits and pieces would always get broken off and usually land under my fingernails. I was more of a roller. Just making some worms or my favorite- making some sort of a sculpture or tree ornament and having the Play-Doh dry overnight. Voila, you have your own pottery sculpture.

It seems like I am not the only one in the world who enjoys the smell of Play-Doh. Demeter Fragrance Library has actually bottled the smell into a perfume. (or is it parfume?) “The 1-ounce, spray bottle fragrance is meant for highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood.”

If Play-Doh doesn’t do it for you, don’t worry. This company also has scents ranging from Bon Fire to Gin and Tonic!

Today, when times get rough, I will take to my can of Play-Doh. There will be no sculpture building in this can – it’s all for stress relief.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Someone sent me this picture today and I just had to share. I can't wait for this weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Ownership

Is not easy. Especially when you are alone in it, with only a 6.8 lb chihuahua residing with you, who, by the way, wakes you up every morning at 3:00 am so that he can jump down from the bed and pee on your new carpet. Yes, we have some issues we need to work through, but that is the topic for another post.

On Monday, I was dressed, ready for work, and had little Paul packed away in his kitchen at 8:50 am. I had a doctor's appointment at 9:00 am that had been rescheduled four times this summer due to meetings. I went down to my garage and tried to open the door. It went up, but stopped halfway. I tried again, same result. Then, I did what any single girl would do, I called my dad. His advice: try to open it manually. I unlatched whatever it is you have to unlatch in order to do so, and I tried to open it manually. The bitch still stopped halfway. Very frustrated, and VERY HOT, I called Frank back and told him that I give up, I'm calling the garage door repairman. Three hours later, said repairman arrived at my doorstep. I walked him down to the garage and explained my despair. He flipped one latch over on the side of the damn door and fixed the problem. I think I muttered several expletives under my breath and fought every urge not to pull out my hair. Luckily, his trip was not completely pointless. I did need a new spring and new rollers. He readily replaced these, upsell successful! I returned to my living room and watched another episode of Who's the Boss while I worked on my laptop and took care of business, all the while thinking, I am an idiot. Garage fixed, I headed to work at 1:30 pm. What a Monday.

Tuesday brought on a new set of problems. I am refinishing my bathtub, so naturally, I asked a refinisher to come out and give me an estimate. He did. He also checked some minor plumbing issues I've been having with the tub, i.e. a leak coming out of that weird round thing that doesn't serve a purpose, or at least not an obvious one that I care about. Oh, this is different, he exclaims, as he digs around with the screwdriver. Shit, I think. You definitely need to call a plumber, this probably isn't an issue, but you need to get it checked out. Awesome. The plumber comes on Friday. Let's hope I don't discover a termite infestation in the meantime.

Welcome to being a grown up on your own up,


Thursday, August 19, 2010


It started in April, a little earlier this year than last. It really is just a slight hankering at that point. Something that I just can't shake. It grew a little bit more over the summer as the buzz heated up. Oddly, the World Cup caused it to spike. I love team spirit. Still, no adequate satisfaction could be found. July was a little less painful, because I had other things to think about, but it's August now, August 19, to be exact, and I have got it, BAD. Is it the heat or just the close proximity to the best part of any Sooner fan's life? It has dominated my weekend plans for the next three months, my email chains, my desktop wall paper, my internet shopping, my blog posting, and my daydreaming mind that just can't quite focus like it used to because, friends, it is only 16 days until Sooner football begins and my favorite time of year arrives. The fall is coming. Get me to Norman as fast as you can.

See you in a couple weeks, Bobby.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All over the Place:

I know I have been lacking on blog posts…I don’t have a good reason. I am not too busy. I just don’t have anything to say, but I do have lots on my mind. So to end my dry spell, I will tell you what’s on my mind.

Eat Less:
You may have heard the buzz - Urban Outfitters has a t-shirt out on the market that simply says, “Eat Less.” With t-shirts that say, “WTF,” and “Drink, Drank, Drunk,” on their website, I don’t know why this is causing such a ruckus. Maybe we do need to be reminded to eat less… unless you are that America’s Next Top Model contestant that has the smallest waist- she needs to be reminded to eat.

It is scary to see what our world is coming to, and it’s evident with shows like the “Biggest Loser,” “15 and Overweight,” and “The Largest Man Living,” on TLC. How did we get so fat? Every other commercial is for Jenny Craig or the “Shake-It.” (which I can’t believe I haven’t given into)

In my opinion, the t-shirt really doesn’t bother me. There are some days, I need to be reminded to eat less. On the other hand, a young girl struggling with body image could really take the message as hurtful. I think it all comes with age. Wherever you lean on this message, please know that the T-shirt was removed from their website but still available in stores…but in mostly larger sizes. I can’t help but let out an evil giggle about the size situation.

And let's give it up for Dove commercials. Dove commercials, mixed with aging, has helped me to accept my body.

Danielle Staub:
Breaking News: Danielle will not be on the 3rd season of Jersey Housewives. While she refutes those claims, I think it’s true. That woman needs psychological help, and I only hope her crazy ways don’t affect her children. And I need to get away from the TV and stop watching these catty woman. If you do watch the Jersey season- have you noticed that Jacqueline is always in scenes where she’s eating? Poor thing. Nobody looks good eating.

Mad Men:
I don’t watch the show, but I have been on quite a few email chains lately about how men treat people at work. And it doesn’t even have to be men- more like “how superiors treat others at work.” For example, my friend’s co-worker sends her emails that say “PPO.” PPO? (Please print out.) Thank goodness they say please, but the person she is printing the paper out for, sits next to the printer. WTH.

I was thinking this morning how much nicer the world will be in several years when my generation is running the world. Gone will be the stuffy superior days and the PPO messages. A workforce revolution is going on in my head. Unfortunately, we will probably always have to battle the “office whistler.” If I ever own a company, I will have a no whistling policy...and a "no food in the breakroom" policy. (don't even get me started on that)

All this talk about food makes me hungry for lunch. The state fair and football season are right around the corner. What does this mean? Corny dog, red clothes, and lots of socializing. I am so over this 100 degrees BS.

And you wonder why I have been an absent writer? Read above. I am lost for words this week. Blame it on the heat.

Stay cool you little monsters.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


You may not know this, but your favorite WWandGS contributors have other things in common besides just our love of white wine and glow sticks, we also love books, mystic tan, pizza, Mystic Pizza, Kevin McCallister, Tony Danza, and SOUVENIRS. Last night, WWandGS attended our annual professional sporting event, a tradition we began in 2009. Basically, it goes like this, Rhonda and Sarah attend some kind of game together and buy a bunch of crap. Last year, we went to a Cubs game, tickets courtesy of Rhonda. At the game we both had hot dogs and lots of beer. After the game, we stopped at not one, but two souvenir shops to make some purchases. We bought koozies, hats, and about four t-shirts each. I believe I even bought a shot glass. We had to lug all of our loot around Chicago for the rest of the afternoon. We also bought a t-shirt for Mary Green at a bar that loved basset hounds. Let's just say, WWandGS had some heavy suitcases on the way home. Sidenote: my suitcase was also loaded down with a mug, bookmark, magnet, round wire-frame glasses, and chocolate frogs from the Harry Potter Exhibition.

Last night, Rhonda and I went to the Cowboys game, again tickets courtesy of La Rhon. We had to plan out every move each quarter to make sure we saw the Taco Bueno LED. We did, and I think I made ol Rhonnie blush when I yelled out "RHONDA THERE IT IS" in front of a lot of more serious Cowboys fans. We had so much fun, despite the fact that my mood was a little foul for a short period of time. I was really expecting that last night would be a bigger souvenir fest than it was. But, all we came home with was three t-shirts, one expanda banner, and one very full belly (mine). Not to mention, some great memories and a program :)

I think we have decided to keep up our annual professional sporting event tradition. Souvenir shops really depend on people like us to buy all of the useless crap that no one else wants. Just so you aren't confused, we buy souvenirs at other events as well. I think it would be fun to get a picture of Rhonnie wearing each of her Today Show or Elton John t-shirts. As for myself, I wish I could type out the list for you of everything I bought when I was in China, but I think my mom might kill me if she sees it. Let's just say, I had to buy an extra suitcase while there just to get all of my magnets home. This, however, is not nearly as bad as my trip to Scotland in 2006. I bought a hand-carved LOTR chess set for my brother, a cashmere vest, and more shot glasses than they keep at the Loon.

The literal translation of souvenir, which is a French word, is "to remember." The bottom line is I think we here at WWandGS are all about making memories, and remembering them well. This is why we buy all of this crap and write about all that we do for you all to read. We think we do such amazing things that we need little tokens to take with us for the rest of our lives. Whether we wear them, use them, pack them away in boxes, or give them away as gifts, nothing quite beats those overpriced items from the souvenir shop. We just really like to remember :)

If you are wondering what my souvenir of choice is...it's magnets.

Opposites attract,


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am going to go Slater one day....

Gone are the days I want to go “Jerry Maguire” on everyone at work and take my fish and leave. (I don’t own a fish, but there is one down the hall that could be up for a fish napping.) I now day dream of going “Steven Slater.” He took Jerry’s infamous work exit to a whole new level.

If you haven’t heard the story already, Jet Blue flight attendant, Steven Slater, went a little crazy last night on a flight. A passenger leaped out of his seat before the plane had reached the gate, and Slater told him to sit down. When the passenger refused to listen and go for his bag anyway, the bag hit Slater on the head. (ouch)

A pissed off Steven Slater had one hit too many and took the matter in his own hands, using the public address system to belittle the man and tell him what he thought. Profanity included. (And I thought the Southwest rapper flight attendant was amazing.)

If that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to open up the exit door, suspend the emergency slide, grab 2 beers, and slide on down.

His parting words before sliding down with his brews? “It’s been a good 28 years. I’ve had it. That’s it.” Word has it, he left with a huge smile on his face.

Talk about “making an exit.” I foresee “Steven Slater” being a part of my work vocabulary for many years to come. To not only slide on out of the plane, but to grab 2 beers for the road.

So when work gets a little rough- just day dream about your work exit… Telling everyone what you really think and what you would take with you.

I would definitely have a word with all of the office whistlers.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just for Grown Ups

Like most of my friends, I suffer from a very great longing for the old days this time of year. Laying out all day at the neighborhood/Bower family pool, riding with the top down in Ashley's white mustang convertible to Sonic or to the sno cone place, and spending the evening drinking beer I wasn't old enough to drink...just kidding Mom, I never did that :)

Now that I am 27, summers are spent at my desk, drafting and proofing and wishing for those carefree afternoons I spent with my lovely childhood friends who are now too far away...

But, today, things seem a little bit brighter because I just found out about this:


Happy to be an adult,


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My New Sister

As most of you know, last Saturday, July 31, 2010, my little brother got married. As a result of these nuptials, I am now officially the sister in-law of one Ashley Kipping Smith of Tennessee. I am hoping that most of you have had the chance to meet her, because once you do, you will surely become a fan. Ashley is more than just a darling in-law, she is a wonderful friend, an incredibly smart aspiring corporate executive, and one of the most hilarious people I have ever known.

Watching Miss Kipping become Mrs. Smith was one of the best moments of my life, and I had a front row seat. My cousin Jason officiated the wedding. I was the maid of honor, and Ashley's brother was the best man. Of course, Curtis Smith was the groom. The walk down the aisle was extremely emotional. I stared right at little Curtis the whole way and almost lost it. I held it together and took my place at the top of the steps at the Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum. Then it was Miss Kipping's turn. Then I lost all composure and cried like a baby till she reached us and I realized I would ruin all her pictures if I didn't dry those eyes.

During his vows my brother had Jason and me so tickled I couldn't hold it in. Of course, I let out a huge snort for all of the wedding party to enjoy. I think Jason should win an Oscar for keeping it together. After about 15 minutes of laughing, crying, and I do's, Miss Kipping and Mr. Smith, became Mr. and Mrs.

The nuptials were followed by the most amazing wedding reception Oklahoma City has ever seen. I won't go into all the details, but like the rehearsal dinner and after party the night before, there was way too much drinking and dancing had by all (including three generations of Engelbrechts and Smiths ranging in age from 8 to 95). I say this with certainty, it was one of the best weekends of my life, and all because of my new sister Mrs. Ashley Kipping Smith. What a beautiful addition to our family. I love you :)

PS Curtis, you don't read this blog, but I love you too.

Happy to share,