Friday, May 28, 2010

Could this day get any better?

Please evaluate the list below:

a) It's Friday.
b) My office closes early today because of the holiday weekend.
c) It is a three day weekend.
d) I get to go to field day today at Jerry Junkins Elementary to visit my mentee.
e) It is pay day.
f) Game night is tonight and, like always, Tommy and I are going to dominate everyone.
g) I get to go home on Sunday to see my little brother who lives in Oklahoma City now...and not China.

In my personal life I really don't think things could get that much better today, unless I met a French billionaire named Claude who was tall and a really good kisser and who wanted to pay off all of my student loans and move me to Nice for a few years where I could write a novel and sip wine on the beach all day...from the looks of how this day is starting out, I am not ruling that out as a possibility.

So TGIF everyone. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Please take some time to remember those who make it possible for all of us to have great days like today :)

Love, Smiles, Hearts, and Sunshine,


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food...(or Hair) for Thought.

Breaking News: Willie Nelson cut his locks. I repeat, the braids are gone.

You know it's a slow news day when this is the topic on every news channel. But then again, I guess that would be like Repunzel cutting her long hair off (in the fairy tale). Breaking News.
As you can notice, ol' Willie looks much younger without his straggling hair:

(After) (Before)
Why is it when men get hair cuts, they look younger? Almost like little boys. Men have the life. Their hair cuts cost no more than $30. They can walk in almost anywhere, AND if they get it cut too short, they look 10 years younger. Willie is a prime example.
Women. We don't have this luxury. We book hair appointments at least 2 weeks in advance, pay well over $100 and it doesn't matter if we wear our hair short or long, the face doesn't lie! (aging)...
Another battle of the sexes.
Speaking of hair, since moving to Dallas, I have searched high and low for the best eyebrow waxer. People have their quirks, and this is one of mine. I like to take very good care of my brows. This weird habit stems from almost plucking all of my eyebrows out in college after a few too many glasses of wine.
So put your tweezers down, and call Cindy DiMaggio. I swear, she's the best in the business, and the fastest. I never spend more than 10 minutes in the salon. But beware, you must have cash, and unless you want to wait in line, book an appointment. You'll have to book at least a week in advance. You can find her at Salon Boutique, off Preston and NW Highway.
And one last food for thought... Big Al on 106.1. What does this man not do? He owns the MAT, he owns a bar in Mexico, he has time to creep around Dallas...AND he is on a morning show. That is one busy, hardworking man. When I think I am too busy today, I will think of Big Al.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Happiness Project.

I shouldn't care what people think, but hey, I am human, and it happens. I frequently mention "The Happiness Project."

When I do, I sometimes get the feeling that people think I am "not happy," or I only read "Self Help" books. (Just because I read "Kell's Hell" and it's in the self help... oh and "It's Called a Breakup Because it's Over," which I highly recommend if you ever find yourself going through a breakup. Swallow your pride and buy it...who cares if the Barnes and Noble worker pities you.)

The truth is, I am a happy person that lives each day to find her "happiest." Some days I choose to be a "Debbie Downer," but for the most part I try to find the positive side of things. This book embraces this theory and teaches you to find the best in life.

On the heels of the SATC 2 release, (which is tonight, WOO), I thought this quote from Kristin Davis (Charlotte) was perfect. She knows what I am talking about when I mention the "Happiness Project."

Back to SATC 2... Ivanka Trump tweeted last night that it was "terrible and a 2 and a half hour infomercial which she had to leave early from." I hope I don't feel the same way, because I would hate a movie to change my feelings for my 4 great friends: Charolotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha.

(Did I just admit I read people's Twitter posts? The cat is out of the bag.)


There are many noises that are not tolerated at work. Sighing, yawning in the middle of a meeting, and any sort of tapping and whistling. Whistling is the worst. I have a lot of whistlers at my work. My work is full of old men, so I don’t expect much less.

Seems like everybody that has a “noise” has their own spin on it. There’s “Pat” who always makes a “du du du” before he’s about to go somewhere outside of his office. There’s “Bob” who always likes to cruise the halls whistling...makes you wonder what he has going on in his office because he’s so happy. **

And then there’s the office sigh-er. I have been known to let out a few big sighs in my time. For me, when I am really annoyed or just been given a daunting task that I don’t want to do, it’s inevitable- I let out a big ol’ sigh. A sigh that can be probably be heard down the hall. I don’t like when I sigh, and I sure as heck don’t like hearing people sigh.

This got me thinking- what is a sigh? Through some fast internet research, I have confirmed that a sigh and a yawn are not the same thing. Sighing can be a response to low oxygen and high CO2 in the body. Sighing increases the amount of air entering the lungs. Infants often do this while sleeping. Adults do this sometimes after a long period of low-volume, tidal breathing. Sighs are also emotional responses to a number of situations. (THIS IS ME.)

Sighs can express longing or yearning or wistfulness or relief or disappointment or even pleasure. (Even pleasure? I don’t remember the last time I sighed when I was told I could leave work early and go to happy hour…) Sighs are also a relieving of stress. So we now know why people sigh… but why whistle?

It’s always the old crackahs too.

This brings me to today. I was working on a project and heard someone coming down the hall tapping. For some reason the only thing I could tune into was this annoying “tap.” Every whistler that passes my door is met with a dirty look, so I already had my “dirty look” on for the “tapper.”

Well, you would never believe who it was- the president of our company. I gave him such a dirty look, I should be packing up my office right now. Thankfully, he busted out laughing and said, “you look really annoyed.” I said, well, all I can hear is your tapping, but since it’s you, it’s okay.

Thank goodness that was the worse of it. I will now start saving my dirty looks and become more aware of the sounds I make. I know for a fact I sigh… and I also know that I let out this one loud laugh numerous times during the day. It’s not a cackle…it’s just a HUH! I can only imagine how many people I annoy. TGIW and thank goodness it’s a 3-day weekend.

**Names were changed for my protection.

Sore Core

Yesterday morning, by nothing short of a miracle, I woke up at 6am and went to a Core Fusion class at the Exhale Spa at the Palomar at 6:15am. Some of you might not think this is a very big deal, but considering that I am literally a venomous beast in the mornings before 9:30 and have been known to scare my entire family and my best friend with my wicked behavior upon rising, this was a VERY big deal for me.

After years of attempting to wake up "early" I have never been successful. In fact, I have been so unsuccessful that one might consider me borderline insane that I even keep trying to do so. I would say that I have failed over a thousand times, and have been successful maybe 20. The only time I wake up early with a smile on my face is to catch a flight for a vacation. And, even then, you probably don't want to sit next to me once I make it on the plane.

I also despise physical activity. So much so that I have successfully avoided working out my entire life. I ALWAYS have an excuse not to, and it usually just involves me being lazy. I love to do yoga and I love to go on leisurely walks, but that is it. And by love I really mean I love to do those things every other month or so. I have an unused exercise bike sitting in my bedroom collecting dust. Why can't I just get on that thing for 20 minutes while I watch the Today Show? I don't have an explanation. I just don't do it.

But, now I am faced with the reality that my brother is getting married in two months, and I am the maid of honor, and I will be looking at the pictures from this wedding for the rest of my life. So, I woke my ass up on Tuesday morning and went to Core Fusion and suffered way more than anyone else in the class. Good thing I had to keep my mouth shut and concentrate on my breathing, had I engaged in conversation with the instructor, I probably would have been asked not to return.

If any of you aren't familiar with Core Fusion, I suggest you look it up. It is the most intense workout class I have ever done. Even the most "in shape" friends I have are challenged by it. You leave drenched in sweat and really lightheaded...or at least I did.

Today I am so sore I can barely even walk. I feel like I am walking around like a cow poke who has very limited range of motion in her shoulders. But, my vanity is keeping me inspired and I will be returning again tomorrow for some more torture. It is funny though, I am kind of excited about it. Maybe this sore core is changing this evil morning person into a ray of sunshine and butterflies. Or, maybe, I really am insane.

In dire need of some Potassium,


Monday, May 24, 2010


Last night's finale was one of the best episodes of television I have ever watched. Honestly, I don't think I would change one thing. For those of you who are Lost fans, I am sure you have your own mix of emotions about the finale. For those of you who aren't, I am sure you don't really care. But, taking into account my own feelings and the fact that this is my blog, I am going to let you know what I think because I care a great deal :)

Like I said in my previous post, I started season 1 of Lost as a DVD viewer as I didn't start watching until 2007 (the end of season three). That would make me a three year devotee. I believe that since I started watching Lost, literally the biggest mystery (other than real life spiritual ones) in my life has been what the HELL is going on on that island. Leading up to last night's finale that was all I wanted to know. What are the answers Damon and Carlton? Why was Walt different? What was the island? Why couldn't women have babies there? And so on and so forth. I, like many others, still don't know these answers after last night. But, I feel like I understand now why I don't. I am not meant to know.

(If you think this has been cheesy so far, get ready, it gets worse).

To me, the theme of the show that was represented by the End is that it is not this lost, magical, effed up island that we should be worried about. It is the people who were tested by it and their relationships and destinies that were intertwined with it that mattered. The unanswered in Lost is just like the unanswered in real life. We won't really know what it is until we die and so during our time here we are all left in the dark. We never can, and shouldn't try, to know. The island, the mythology, all of it, is not important. What is important is the characters. I totally get it, and I totally love it. I didn't love the show because of the smoke monster, the Dharma initiative, Jacob, or the four-toed statue. I loved the show because of the characters (esp Jack, Desmond, Sayid, and Charlie...sigh). In the end they realized their destinies in spite of the craziness they endured and found that the plane crash was the best thing that ever happened to them because it brought them together. So, they really did tell us why they were there. They were supposed to be there and it was all supposed to happen because it was their destiny. As viewers, this is what they were trying to tell us all along. This is what mattered. The rest should remain a mystery because that's exactly what it was to everyone on the island until the very end. A friend and fellow lost fan who joined me for the finale last night, Lacy Montgomery, said to me this morning: telling us what the island was would be like explaining the meaning of life. I couldn't agree more. I am so glad they didn't try.

So, I am not bothered that I don't know the answers to my questions. I don't really even care anymore. I have an even greater appreciation for this show than I ever did before. I am going to watch the finale over and over again this week, and I am going to love it more and more every time. Lost is about the mystery, not about the answers. I feel foolish that I thought it would be the reverse in the end. And, I am so thankful that it wasn't. Because, if it had been it would have been entertaining, but it wouldn't have been Lost. And, that is what makes me love this show so much. I truly believe we were given the best end that ever could have been created. I can't tell you how happy I am that Claire and Charlie ended up together forever...and I even enjoyed the MO sesh between Sayid and Shannon.

I am now a bigger fan of this show than I ever was before. I am so sad that it is over, but now that I know how it ends I am even more excited to start it all over again just to love it even more.

Haters beware. You are no match for me today. I love LOST.

Jack is my hero,


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have been sitting here writing and re-writing the first few sentences to this post for the past 15 minutes. It isn't that I don't have anything to say, it is actually the opposite. I have so much to stay that I can't figure out where to start. Lost fans are a very annoying, very unique breed of television watchers. If you have had the pleasure of jumping on our bandwagon, you to know what I am talking about. Each of you probably has your story of how you got hooked. Mine began with the season three season finale. Yes, I knew it wasn't Penny's boat before I even met Rose and Bernard, but I still watched the first three seasons back to back to back and cried and cried and cried when Charlie died and I knew exactly what that scene meant.

Well, tonight is the last episode before the series finale. Lost has rarely disappointed me with the second to last episode of each season. In fact, I would say that those have been some of the best. I still have so many questions that I need answers to. I feel kind of like a hamster right now. I have been on this spinning wheel for four years now just going round and round and getting more and more excited. So excited at some points that I literally stand in my living room and scream at the tv because I am so mad/sad/frustrated. I will say that today I am of the opinion that Lost is the best show I have ever watched. It is truly number one on my list. But, and this is one of the reasons I love it so much, I still don't really even know what is going on. So, in the end, with only 3.5 hours left, I am still very lost. But, I don't think I would have it any other way. If it was easy, I would have stopped watching long ago.

But, my biggest worry right now is not what is going to happen in the end, because I know it is going to be awesome. It is, and I am dead serious, what the hell am I going to watch next fall? Lost hasn't been on in the fall in forever, I realize this. But, Heroes just got canceled and it is rumored that Flash Forward will be too. I guess my prime time sci fi fix is going to have to come from Fringe, but that is nowhere near as satisfying. This is kind of like when Friends went off the air and I had to go without a "favorite" sitcom until Modern Family came around. That took 5 years. I didn't like waiting that long. This is where the annoying Lost fan in me comes in. I am convinced that nothing will ever be as good. And, I am mildly depressed because I know I am just going to be disappointed from now on. I am just going to have to waste time on pointless shows that will probably get canceled because they aren't smart enough to give Peter Petrelli his powers back. I guess I am going to have to exercise or something. Or, maybe I am just going to have to read more.

Good thing I started a book club.

Live together, die alone,


Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome Back Curtis

Hello friends. I would like to follow up on Ande's post below, as I so often do, and report to you all one thing that has made me very glad today. Little Curtis Smith is back from China...for good! For those of you who don't know, my brother spent almost two years in Tianjin studying for an MBA through Oklahoma City University's Great Wall program. Guess what? He graduated first in his class and is now fluent in Mandarin. I think it is safe to say that the two years in China were not a waste of time.

So many, many congratulations to my little brother on his amazing accomplishments. I am so happy you are home!!

Manic Monday.

I tend to do drastic, weird things on Mondays. I am usually having an anxiety hangover from the weekend- whether I drank too much and did something weird or I am just plain tired, Monday tends to be my odd/dramatic decision making day.

I have been known to book a flight home for the weekend where there's a huge event I am looking forward to and regret it later. I have also been kwown to decide to go to Weight Watchers meetings that are full of 40 plus year olds that really don't understand counting calories and waste countless amount of money to listen to some yahoo tell me things I already know.

Well, this Monday is no different. I have been reading "The Happiness Project" for about 5 months now. I raved about how good it was when I started it...yet I have never finished the book. (It's a normal sized book. 300 pages.) I came across a section I really liked last night, and being that it was almost Monday, I decided to do it.

I am now playing the "Glad Game." It's where find something to be glad about in every situation and stop complaining. The author got the idea from the best-selling novel of 1913, "Pollyanna," by Eleanor H. Porter. To be honest, I failed about the minute I got out of bed, because I was thinking how annoying work was, how I didn't want to fill the empty kleenex box and then was thinking terrible thoughts about my morning commute.

I think I am back on my game though. I challenge others to play it, because it really makes you aware and feel silly about all the things you might complain about in a day. I just googled "Pollyanna," and was surpised to see that "Pollyanna" is actually a term used to describe someone who seems to always be able to find something to be glad about in any situation. It goes back to having your arms and legs!

And to bring truth to my whole "Monday Craziness," I woke up and decided I need to go back to school and be a labor and delivery nurse...2 hours later, I changed my profession to a teacher. You may be thinking, "she's bi-polar." I am thinking the same thing.

Please only refer to me as Pollyanna this week. I will not answer to Rhonda.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

By the title of this post, I only wish I were writing to say that John Candy did not pass away years ago, and he's come out of hiding and is going to make great movies again. But I am not. Although, John Candy movies are still my favorites.

What I would like to address today is air travel. I do not like it, but there is not a way around it. If you want to get somewhere quickly or if you are going on vacation, you must fly. Every time I fly, I clam up. For some reason, I am convinced that there is a possibility of crashing.

What's even worse, is before you take off, the captain comes on and says, "it will be a few more minutes, we are having maintenance problems." Oh hell, that is when I am ready to run off the plane. Or when you have to stay in a "holding pattern" in the air for a while. I am so nervous already, I don't want to fly around for the heck of it.

And I have also noticed lately how nervous I get when the captain comes on to speak. My hopes are it will be "Sully" making a guest appearance, but my worst fears are that it will be Osama Bin Laden saying this plane is not going to Vegas, bitches.

Last night on Nightline (here I go again with TV), I learned a lot of great air travel facts that have put me at ease, and I would like to share.

  • The most dangerous times in flight are the first 3 minutes, and the last 8 minutes.

  • An aisle seat, at least 7 rows from an exit is your safest spot. Studies show that you may not be able to move more than 7 aisles in the event of an emergency.

  • 95% of people involved in a plane crash live! 95%!

  • You have a 1 and 35 million chance of being in a plane crash.

  • Air travel is the safest form of travel. I can guarantee you, driving on 6-35 is way more dangerous than flying...although, I can't seem to convince myself of that.

I hope these fun facts make you feel more at ease next time you board a plane. I am sure I will still clam up, but mostly during the first 3 minutes and last 8 minutes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big Bird Okay...Little Bird Stay Away

Growing up I was a huge fan of Sesame Street. Over the years I developed a fondness for many of the characters, but none of them came close to my devotion to Big Bird himself. I cried every time I watched Follow that Bird during the "blue bird" scene, and I almost peed in my pants from excitement when I saw him at Sesame Street Live...TWICE.

Strangely enough, over the years I have developed a strong distaste for actual real life birds. Especially pigeons and crows. I can't say I am afraid of them like my dear friend Alexis, I mean I did allow about 50 pigeons to eat out of my hand in Venice...TWICE. But, I think birds are sick, nasty animals and I really really don't like to be around them. With the exception of a giant canary who is best friends with Snuffleupagus, please stay away. I'm just not a fan of your kind.

Yesterday I returned home from work to my new place. This marked my first commute from Addison to the M Streets. Not awesome, but not bad. When I got home I walked up to my front door and reached for my keys, only to discover that I didn't need them, because the door was already open...My heart started racing, but I soon realized the only trespasser was the wind, and that Paul was safe and sound in his "room" (aka the kitchen). So I grabbed the little man and took him outside. When I returned I did a quick search of his "room" for any accidents.

Well, Paul had been decidedly good that day and held number one and number two. But, some other little creature had not done so. Who, you might ask? Well a little nasty brown bird that had flown in my door, thanks wind, and had perched on my trash can and shit all over my floor. Not giant, not yellow, and certainly not friendly like the only kind of bird I care for. This one, was just yuck.

My poor little chihuahua ran away from the damn thing and started to shake. So i grabbed him and waited outside for the closest thing I have to a zoo keeper, Liz Stutts, who was dropping off some of my stuff. She grabbed the nasty little thing and threw it outside. I kept my distance, and almost threw up.

Now, this might be something that most of you think is a once in a lifetime experience. Not so. This has happened to me TWICE. Years ago when I worked at Dream Haven in Norman a huge crow flew into the store (and by huge crow I mean really just a little wren). I stood in the corner while it crapped all over the place and shed some disease ridden feathers on the floor, and then waltzed right out the way it had flown in.

If this happens again...I am throwing a skillet at the little shit.

Stay away from me poultry,


Monday, May 10, 2010

Rambling Nonsense that probably shouldn't be posted to WWAGS.

Remember like 2 months ago when I tried to make people believe that Monday was just as great as Friday? That was wrong. Just wrong.

However, I would like to share some positive notes on being happy on a Monday morning, because I know, I for one, am having troubles with it.

I spent the night at my parents last night, so I had the pleasure of waking up to my five-year old daughter, Lucy Le. (side note: she is a dog…well, we don’t like to call her a dog, we believe she’s human, but for all practical purposes, she is a dog.)

Lucy wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed each morning. She is so happy and excited for the day, it’s like her 4 feet can’t stay planted to the ground. She does a bouncy/bobble headed type walk.

I looked at Lucy today and said, “if only I could start each morning like you.” Bounce out of bed, scurry to the kitchen to eat breakfast, have lots of kisses to give and ready to play full force. That girl is a mover and a shaker in the morning.

So where am I going with this? I would like to share my favorite quote with the world once again: WAG MORE, BARK LESS. Dogs not only live the life, they really know how to live life.

Since I have already failed at being like Lucy this morning, I am going to start now. Might even skip to the printer.

….and on another note, I heard the best quote this past weekend: “A sponge always has to look his spongey’ist.” – Sponge Bob Square Pants. (I just loved this.)

I am feeling like a modern day Ghandi today, spreading happiness to all 27 readers.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sarah of the Gables Turtle Creek Cityplace

Until about the age of 11, I was very into historical novels about young women: the Little House series, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, etc. Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables fame was my favorite heroine (although this title was relinquished to Elizabeth Bennett during my Freshman year of college). Before Mr. Darcy and Mr. Potter came along, my dream was to live in a gabled house on Prince Edward Island, just before the turn of the century. Back then, I truly wished to be a Canadian, not a wizard.

My how things have changed...

In August of 2007, I achieved my dream of living in a gabled house, if only in name not in structure, when I moved into my first apartment at the Gables Turtle Creek City Place with Cox and Alexis. The experience at the Gables has been happy, sad, fun, not fun, busy, lazy, and annoying all wrapped into one. Spending the past three years with my roommates and neighbors Jenny, Alexis, Cox, Mary, Strueber, Natalie, Nicky Martini, Kendall, Neil, and Liz was one of the best experiences I've ever had. It was like the Commons, but way better because I actually lived there and it wasn't nasty. But, now my time at the Gables has come to an end. Only three nights left of my three year residence here. See you later Loon, mouse at my old apartment, roaches at my current apartment, West Village, Village Burger Bar (giggle Robert), Magnolia, and finally, S I carved in the wet cement outside of the old apartment. Liz and I are the last ones to leave, and although I am very ready, I will miss it all. But just as a wise old woman once said when she left the Gables and viewed young 24 year olds moving their purple and red couches into their cheaply carpeted three floor apartment, "it is the circle of life." Indeed it is Mrs. Scarff.

On Friday I will spend my first night in my first home that I own. I will give up my dream of maple leaves and Canadian citizenship and settle on the reality that I'm just a home-owning Dallasite.

Please address me as Sarah of Monticello Crossroads going forward.

Thank you,


Let’s here it for New York.

The streets will make you feel brand new, and the lights will inspire you. I wish Dallas did this for me. LBJ Freeway by day and Downtown by night- nothing is making me feel brand new and the green lit buildings downtown are not inspiring me. This is why we go on vacation.

This past weekend my mother and I vacationed to NYC. Since nobody wants to read something about ME, ME, ME- I will give you the short version of my mini-vacation.

Arrive to NYC and head to our favorite lunch place, Serendipity. Once again, their Broadway Sundae made the trip to NYC worth it. That damn sundae is to kill for. No, I don’t mess around with the Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Got my “chocolate” inhaler from Dylan’s Candy Bar. I have yet to use it. Mostly because I have had so much to eat the past 4 days I don’t want to mess around with air…but also because I am afraid it might be disgusting and ruin my hopes of finding a calorie free chocolate fix. (The past couple of weeks I have decided I must have chocolate to go. Much like a car must have gasoline. I think I might need to be hypnotized to forget this theory.)

We shopped till we dropped into Dos Caminos for dinner. All I have to say is: WHITE SANGRIA. It is to die for. My heaven: Serendipity Sundaes and White Sangria. All you need is love? No, all you need is white sangria and chocolate. (maybe a dash of love) This is also the place where my mother called me a teetotaler, (A person who sustains from drinking alcohol) because she was out drinking me. Moms!

Saw a man drop his drawers and pee on the side of the road. I am still a little stirred up by this.

Headed to the lower west side area for a day of fun. We brunched at the Standard Grill, which was phenomenal, and their attention to detail was impeccable.

Visited the new “Highline,” which is basically an elevated park trail. Again, the attention to design and detail on this pathway was awesome. If I lived in NYC, I would want to frequent this little gem, a lot!

After stealing Mary’s friends NYC weekend agenda, I got the idea to go to the Chelsea Market. Again, another site to see. It was like a grown up Eatzis. Fresh food, a bakery even an Anthropologie. So happy we went there.

Found the Peanut Butter Co. The older I get, the more I LOVE peanut butter. I was convinced they would have the best peanut butter cookies in the world, but they were just average. Very happy I stopped by this place. I felt like me and the people in their had something in common – a love for the good stuff. (peanut butter)

Saturday evening landed us at a Broadway Show. Promises, Promises was the name. Kristen Chenoweth and Sean Hayes both have leading roles in this new musical. It was FANTASTIC. Another must-see in my book. This new Broadway play is based off of the old movie, “The Apartment.” If you have not seen the Apartment, buy it on Amazon. Worth the $13. This was one of my favorite shows- and they let you drink in the theatre. I have never been to a show where you could bring your drink to your seat. They had adult-sized “sippy cups.” They were perfect for sipping wine.

Left the Braodway show and had dinner at Toaloache. Another great Mexican place. On the way home to our hotel, we had to walk through Times Square. Thank the Lord for Sangria and Wine. This was the night of the “bombing attempt.” The crazy thing was, nobody was really that shooken up. Tourists were just standing around watching, behind the roped off area. Due to the “juice,” my mother and I didn’t think much about it and stumbled the 6 blocks down to our hotel. My sister called scared to death and we realized what was going on, was a big deal. This incident left me with an uneasy feeling the remainder of the weekend.

Fantastic lunch at the Central Park Boathouse. This is one of my favorite spots in NYC.

Dinner: hope everyone is in their desk chairs. We went to Hard Rock Café. For those that know me well, this will not surprise you. I love hard rock café. It reminds me of my youth. We were exhausted and wanted comfort food. I have to say, HRC did the trick!

Monday (or should I say best day of my life?):
TODAY SHOW. Enough said. Had my 3 seconds of fame waving like a mad woman behind Al Roker. Unfortunately yesterday morning, it was pouring down rain. I am not talking a sprinkle, I am talking a monsoon. My mother and I woke up early to go see my Today show family. We go downstairs and realize how bad it was raining. She decides to stay back, and I bundle up in my rain coat. Due to the weather, I got front row seats, right next to Lenny. After my TV debut, I started feeling a little silly being alone at the Today show and walked back to the hotel. I was a mascara mess.

Got to get back to work now, but all in all, it was a GREAT weekend! Our flight yesterday was a little drawn out though- got on the plane at 1:30pm, got into Dallas at 8:15. I was not a happy camper.

And last but not least, I would like to give a shot out to Steve Jobs. Without my iphone, I would not have been able to navigate so well around that city. Raise the roof Steve.