Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Irwin the Roo.

Who is red, born in Oklahoma, going through a legal battle, has his own Facebook page and can hop?

Irwin the Kangaroo.

Who is crazy, lives in Oklahoman and human? Irwin's mom. You can read the full story hear:

My first encounter with Irwin was when he was featured in the Daily Oklahoman. I had to cut his picture out of the paper and hang it at my desk. No matter how the day's going, this ridiculous kangaroo always makes me laugh.

Meet Irwin:

Um is anyone else laughing? Only in Oklahoma.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Don't even ask where I have been, but I think I am back. Here's a try at a blog post. "A TRY," I said.

Something happened this past weekend. I was duped by a sales person. I normally do not listen to sales people when they try to sale me stuff, because I know they are only trying to make a buck and do not know what I need to be wearing.

Here's how this all went down- I went back to my Native Land this past weekend. Since moving back to OK, I have lost all fashion sense. Instead of being inspired by top designer's store windows and the best dressed women of Dallas, I now have Target, Gap and JCrew to get my inspiration from. The streets of Oklahoma are filled with OU, OSU and Thunder t-shirts. The only fashion inspiration I receive is from magazines and the internet. Gone are the days of walking around Northpark feeling renewed and inspired.

I was trying on clothes and lost all confidence on whether or not something looked good- it got so bad, I let 2 sales people in my dressing room. They told me that the items of clothing I was trying on were flying off the shelf and they couldn't keep them in stock. SOLD. I bought everything I had on, because I believed the idiots when they told me that the items were flying off the shelf.

After I left the mall, I started having a little bit of buyer's remorse and was talking to our friend Linny about what the sales people said. Having worked retail before, she bluntly told me that she once sold 6 "pea green jackets" in a day, because she used that same line. "We can't keep these in stock; everyone loves them." I was had at the mall on Saturday. However, I am happy I made my choices, but I am going to have to come to my senses and regain my shopping confidence.

I would like to recommend a new jean brand to all the ladies in the house. Well, it's probably not new, but new to me. And yes, the sales person talked me into them, too. Who have I become? DL 1961. It has some sort of 4-way stretch that helps them not to stretch out in all of the wrong places- like the butt and knees etc. I have had them on since 7:30 and still fit just like they did this morning. I am loving it. However, today, I could use the waistline stretching just an inch or too.

So it was another successful weekend, and I will continue to search for my fashion sense.

Is it strange, the theme song that was going on in my head all weekend was Madonna's "This Used to be My Playground?" Sicks me out too! I kept this one on the DL.