Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Friday!

I am sooo ready for the weekend! Granted, I will be working late tonight, and tomorrow afternoon, but I don't care! I am just happy it is Friday!

This weekend is going to be a good one, I hope. Lots and lots planned, and that's the way I like it!

To all those who are interested, I will be enjoying a double feature this Sunday at the Angelika beginning at 1:20pm. I am going to start with An Education at 1:20 followed by Crazy Heart at 4:30. If things get really out of hand, I might take a break for dinner and Desperate Housewives after that, and then head to the Magnolia at 9:50 for Up in the Air. Please let me know if you want to join me...I don't mind going alone, but would love the company!

As of last night I now have a wager placed on my ability to see all of these Oscar contenders, except Precious, by next Sunday. We all know how much I like to gamble, so I think this little incentive will push me right past the finish line...even if I have to watch A Serious Man, District 9, and The Hurt Locker on Sunday before the big show.

Anyway, I hope everyone has wiped off their smoldy Thursday tears, pulled themselves together, and started the rally for the weekend. I am so ready!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I can't write anything today I am too tired. I stayed up late working on some super secret stuff and now I just have no energy to be funny and/or creative. All day I have just been a little bit loopy. I made a typo earlier of the word "almost" and it came out "smoldy." I realize that is kind of how I feel today. A little bit smoldy. Not to be confused with moldy or smoldering, because I am neither of those. Smoldy.

No Service

Why is it when you see this sign, you automatically do a body overlook. "Oh no, do I have on my shoes and my shirt?"

Have I ever gone out of the house without my shoes and my shirt? NO. But everytime I see this sign, I get a little "nervy" and do a once over.

Things that make you go hmmmm......I am now wondering if I am the only one.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Friend of the Week

The Board of WWandGS has made an executive decision: we are no longer going to do Friend of the Week. Instead, we are just doing Friendly Fridays, which will consist of a post of one friend's answers to the Proust questionnaire that Mrs. Judd completed last week. So, if any of you want to be our first Friendly Friday feature, you should let us know by fax or email by the end of the day today.



Tiny Dancer

I. can’t. stand. it. any. longer.

I wasn’t going to say anything today, but I can’t hold it in any longer. I just read about the concert on our friends “Spooniest’s” blog, and I have to share my excitement.

The day is almost here: ELTON JOHN IN CONCERT. Yes Billy will be there too, and I love him, but I am CRAZY for Elton.

How does one become obsessed with such a self absorbed “Bitch?” I have no idea. He says rude, cruel things, and I still love him.

Elton and I’s relationship goes way back. I feel like I came out of the womb singing Tiny Dancer. Here are some fun facts:

1. This will be my 7th concert. 2 of the 7 concerts, I traveled to Vegas for. (If you haven’t seen the Red Piano tour, either buy the DVD set (which is greatness), or get to Vegas. It’s an awesome show that David LaChapelle helped to create.)

2. I once stole a Elton John clothes hanger from the Elton “gift shop” in Vegas (I have never admitted this.)

3. I have 2 Elton John vintage pictures hanging in my apartment.

4. I tear up at every concert. Everyone of them.

5. I know it’s going to be a good day when I am driving to work and Elton is playing. (Yes, I still listen to the Radio. Traffic reports are important now that I commute…that’s why I ended up on Harry Hines Blvd this morning almost getting lost.)

6. My favorite kareokee song is a Elton John duet…”Don’t go breaking my heart.” I somehow usually end up singing this tune alone and having to handle both parts.

7. I will be buying a commemorative t-shirt tomorrow night. I am that girl if you couldn’t tell by now.

Well, hopefully nobody is judging me out there. We all have our quirks.

I’ll give you a full report Friday or Monday…and yes, I’ll be packing at the concert. PACKING BINOCULARS. I like to get a look at every detail from his earrings to the beading on his suites.

It’s funny, because Elton gets a little chubbier every time I see him. Chubs.

Abbey Road

Today is a very special day. Abbey Road Studios was given protective status by the British government, meaning that this iconic studio will be protected as an English Heritage Site. Those of you who are not familiar, and I will be shocked if that actually applies to anyone who knows me, Abbey Road is the studio where the Beatles recorded almost all of their albums, and the namesake of Abbey Road, the last studio album the Beatles ever recorded. Different Beatles albums have played different roles in my life over the years. For some reason, Abbey Road is the album I always put on when I am very stressed out and need to relax...this happens A LOT. I don't know what it is but as soon as I hear track one, Come Together, my mind is at rest. I get chills when I get to the medley...and don't even get me started on The End. Then there is the nice little treat, just like a little dessert, with Her Majesty. I could listen to Abbey Road all day. All of you should have a listen today. I love it so much I even named my dog Abbey Road when I was 11 years old. She was the first of the Smith dogs with Beatles names.

Anyway, when I was in London about this time six years ago I had the opportunity to traverse the crosswalk made famous by the fab four. We walked around for hours before we found it, once we did, I cried. See below for a live webcam of people crossing the street at Abbey Road. If you watch long enough maybe you will see some tourists dodging traffic to take pictures of their friends doing their best John/Paul/George/Ringo impression...

The New Weight Loss Secret?

Last night, I was treating myself to Eatzi’s, and I noticed the girl in front of me was stocking up on this juice. I usually snarl my nose at juice, because I think it is just pointless calories. (…unless it’s Gatorade 2, Fruit Punch. I don’t know what I would do without G2 after a night out.)

But last night, something caught my eye. The juice is called, “Function: Light Weight.” I knew I had to have this juice. But then again, I pretty much will buy anything that “guarantees weight loss.” Yes, I have even slummed as low as buying Hydroxy Cut sugar packets to put in my water. PLEASE NOTE: It tasted terrible and did nothing.

Back to the Juice. Please take a moment to digest what the label says:

“Inside this bottle is a physician-developed formula of powerhouse ingredients designed to ignite your natural metabolism. …..rev up and support your body’s natural calorie burning abilities….naturally curbing your sugar cravings and helps maintain normal carbohydrate metabolism and control.”

I mean, where has this juice been all of my life? So you are probably thinking, it’s 200 calories. NO SIR. The entire 16.9 oz bottle is only 10 whole calories. Some sticks of gum have 5 calories!

It could be a costly addiction, but much less than gastric bypass, and much less than Starbuck’s Coffe: $2.29 per bottle.

I have had the entire bottle, and I am not feeling any side effects. However, I do have some extra energy this morning- ready to get things done. BUT…that could also be due to the fact that Bravo’s new hit TV show, “Kell’s Hell,” is making me want to be a harder worker. Like Kell says, “POWER WOMEN.”

Maybe the juice is working… I have used way too many “caps” in this posting.

Buy the juice- see what happens.

I can feel by bum shrinking by the minute. Sike.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Operation Oscars

Last year I was very jealous of Robert and Alexis because they saw every single movie nominated for best picture and almost every movie in the best actor/actress categories. So, I have decided that this year I am going to see all 10 movies nominated for best picture plus Crazy Heart and a Single Man, because I love Jeff Bridges and Colin Firth, before March 7. I call this project: OPERATION OSCARS

I have already seen Avatar, Up, Inglorious Basterds, and the Blind Side. This means in the next 11 days I am going to see the following movies:

At Home:
1. A Serious Man
2. District 9
3. The Hurt Locker

At the Theater:
4. An Education
5. Up in the Air
6. Crazy Heart
7. A Single Man

TBD because it isn't showing anywhere in Dallas after tomorrow:
8. Precious

I plan to go see An Education, A Single Man, and Crazy Heart this weekend. Please feel free to join me on this crazy adventure if you are interested. So far, my vote for best picture goes to Avatar.

Someone please help me figure out how to see Precious so I don't fail!!!

On My Mind...

Soooo I have been absent from WWandGS for a few days now.  The reason for this is I was out of town all weekend playing with the little bug pictured above and her mom and dad, Maggie and Rusty.  We had a wonderful little adventure down in San Antonio.  Carter's favorite Beatle is Paul by the way, I think you can see why...

Yesterday I was at home sick just wallowing around with Paul trying to get some work done.  Luckily I am much better today and getting a ton of work done, which is always a good feeling.

I am currently reading The Help for our book club and I cannot put it down/cannot stop wanting to punch someone it makes me so mad.  Seriously, I think everyone needs to sit down and spend some time with this book because it is just so thought provoking/enlightening.  It makes me so sad to think that just 50 years ago people were treated the way that they were in certain, if not most, parts of this country.    It makes me want to scream.   I highly, highly recommend you delve into The Help and see for yourself what I am talking about.  I don't want to go into much more detail because we will be discussing it tomorrow night at Bodega Bar.  If any of you girls out there want to join us, feel free to email me.  You don't have to have read the book to come...because anyone can discuss anything with just a little bit of wine.

On Sunday I went to see Avatar with John and Neil.  I cannot believe it took me so long to see it.  It was so awesome.  It just tickled my sci-fi/fantasy/romance/brain in a vat/green fancy.   I cried during the movie twice, and hid it pretty well from my "dates."  I am really good at doing that during movies.  I don't know why but I never want people to see me cry in the theater...the only time I couldn't cover it up was during Marley and Me.  I just cried and cried and didn't stop.  Anyway...back on track...I realize this recommendation has been made many times over for several months now, but seriously, I think everyone should go see Avatar.  Very entertaining.  Even you regular people out there would like it (ahem Madeleine and Mary).

I am having some anxiety about what to watch on tv tonight.  I really want to watch figure skating but I can't wait too long to watch lost before I start to get all twitchy wondering what Jack and Sawyer are up to.  And, hello, has anyone seen that preview with Claire asking about her son???  See I am already getting to excited...I guess I will just have to take advantage of the DVR this evening so I can do both.

More on that later...

Monday, February 22, 2010

I'll take some Jelly for my Feet.

Jelly Shoes that is. I don't know about you, but when I walk in my favorite store, I forget about the cold weather we are having and get lost in a "spring" escape for just a minute. I imagine myself with tanned skinned, nicely pedicured toes in new sandals, spring dresses....agh, the list goes on and on.

The spring and fall seasons are my two favorite times to shop, and my bank account definitely takes a hit. Spring gives you this rush - the stores never fail to have bright new summer looks, and classic navy blue, nautical colors covering their racks. New shoes are popping up right and left (no pun intended) with new looks and fresh colors.

Fall, is the same way - by late summer, you are over the lightweight clothes and ready to be snuggled up in a big sweater or your favorite fleece. All I know is, both seasons give me the ultimate shopping rush. Some things never change.

Where am I going with this you ask? As you might have already noticed, many top designers are bringing back the Jelly Shoe. Jelly shoes and I have quite the history. When I was a child, my mom would not let me wear my Jellies to school. I would pack those suckers up and change shoes when I got to school.

In high school, the Jelly Shoe made a brief comeback. Fortunately, the local Payless Shoes store was selling the PVC plastic footware, and yes, I had some.

This season, I would like to tip my hat to some top designers for making fashion a tad bit more afordable for us working women that can't seem to ever have enough cash flow in the bank account. Due to the material, you can find a much lower price point on many of your favorite shoe designers: Gucci, Tory Burch, Fendi, Chanel and Burberry to name a few. (Prices ranging from $95 to about $400)

I am no fashion guru, but I do like a bargain. I will be "Jellin" this summer season. Whether or not the plastic footwear will make a successful comeback, I do not know. Me being able to wear designer footwear at an affordable price? Well, to me, that's priceless.

Cheers to warmer weather on the way!

I Tried...

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I tried to like Mondays, but it just didn't work. I am a Friday girl...or even a Wednesday girl.

But Mondays and I just can't seem to get a long. For instance this morning, I slept through my alarm and woke up at 7:30 wondering why I felt so refreshed and rested. Well, I will tell you why: I woke up 2 hours later than I was suppose to.

I really thought I could start a Monday movement and maybe, just maybe, more people would start liking Mondays.

But I cannot lie to my people.

The T.G.I.M. column is officially postponed until further notice. Thank you for reading, and I hope your weekend was full of lots of White Wine and Glowsticks.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here's to Jamie Judd, Cheers!

And one last toast to our friend of the week, Mrs. Jamie Judd:

Did you know Jamie and her English Bulldog “Tank” are quite the stars in Tulsa? They are. Who knew that this small town girl from Choctaw would grow up to grace the cover of the Utica Square shopping guide, as well as their website? Don’t they look picture perfect?

And well for Tank…As you can see, he’s quite the stud himself. He also was a runner up in the Tulsa pet photo contest.


Hello everyone. I am just so happy for this day to be here. Yesterday was great (like I have said before I love me some Thursdays), but today is just a good day. I got a great parking spot this morning, I had some great play time with Paul, and I am so unbelievably excited because I am going to San Antonio tonight to meet the lovely Carter Grace Belden. If you all are interested you can read her story here: She is truly a little miracle :)

I also get to spend the entire weekend with my dear friend Maggie, whom I have not seen since this summer. And I am really hoping that we are going to get to take a trip to the I am not joking.

In other news, Paul will be staying with his Aunt Liz all weekend, and I am super jealous. I really appreciate all of her help with the little man, I couldn't manage that six pound beast without her! As for Paul himself, he was so fun last night, he peed on Uncle Patrick's hand and bit at my heels when we got home. But, then he cuddled with me all night and was so darn sweet. Just the cutest little Chi hua hua on the planet.

Oh, and after my Challengers post I got several personal comments that I need to get started on my book. So, I promised Neil yesterday that I would have the first chapter of my book ready for him to read in the next three weeks. He doesn't think I will be able to have it to him for six more months. I bet it will be four :) REGARDLESS, I am working on it. I have never really been this committed to it before, so I am very excited.

I am just all smiley today, can you tell? I think this has a lot to do with it:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Nice...

Six years ago I spent the best five months of my life (for the record I have had some great days since then, but not as many consecutive great days) in Nice, France with two of the best boys in the world Philip "Puppy" Gray and Britton "Danger" Langdon. We had the best time ever in the history of best times. The beach, the rocks, the Tuesday night specials at McMahon's, Wednesday-Saturday nights for a "quiet beer" at O'Neil's followed by another "quiet beer" at l'escalier at 5am, the corrupt landlord at the Villa St. Exupery, our little tiny apartment with a triple decker, pullout cot, bunk bed in the one bedroom we shared, our BFF Greg who spent four nights a week on that pullout, our black futon and two nasty love seats, the balcony I used to sneak out on to call Strueber in the wee hours of the morning so that I could vent about the dirty boys and tell her all about my German "friend" Klaas, our little tv that allowed us to watch "Yeah" over and over and over again before we went out on the town, and last but not least the fabled owner of the little place, Badano, whose named marked the front door and whose face I will never know. Seriously. Those. Were. THE. Days.

As I sit here in my office in Addison, I realize that I think about those days almost everyday. I would be lying if I said I didn't wish with every part of me that I lived in Nice year round. Maybe if things would have ended differently with Klaas, maybe if I had fell in love with Badano...But, I did not. And, many moons ago I made a decision to come to Dallas after graduation and to make my life here. Now, many years and a JD later, I am having that yearning to leave again. But, this time, I pay my own bills, I have a career to start, and I just can't imagine being that far away from home for too long. So, I think I will stay.

But, I do think it is time to start to concentrate on those things I used to love so much about Nice. I would really like to talk to Philip and Britton more - both of whom are getting married this summer to equally wonderful girls. Maybe a quiet beer next time I'm in Oklahoma? I would really like to practice French, eat more seafood, and spend more time at the beach...I can probably only do two of those things here in Dallas. I think I will do some Rosetta stone lessons this weekend and have dinner at Toulouse next week.

I remember once when we were in Nice, during one of many chats with Philip and Britton over many glasses of wine, a baguette, oil and vinegar, and une tranche de pâté, Philip said to us, (and I am paraphrasing) "you know I wonder sometimes if it is better to have a career doing the things you love at work, or to have a career that enables you to do the things you love outside of work." I truly think about this everyday.

I believe there are some people out there, JK Rowling to be exact, who get to do both. But most of us are lucky enough just to fall somewhere in between. I think the in between might be a few years off for me, due to something I like to call student loans, but I am starting to realize I might be on my way there.

Six years from now you won't find me sitting in Addison, Texas, dreaming of a windy, rocky, view of the "unbelievably blue" Mediterranean, sipping wine, eating mussels, kind of day, because I'll be there, on vacation, from my wonderful Texas home.

PS. Britton, congrats on passing your test, and Philip, good luck studying!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Interview: Jamie Judd

Confessions questions:

Your favorite virtue: Thankfulness. In every since of the word.....

Your favorite qualities in a man.: I have favorite qualities in Jack, so I will give you those.... He is caring and loving and if friends with everyone. He is a good Christian man and he is HANDSOME and truthful and I trust him with everything (unless you put a hammer or screw driver in his hand... watch out - - - Haha, joking.)

What you appreciate the most in your friends: They can always make me laugh and are always there for me.

Your main fault: Taking small things to heart. Being worked up very easily.

Your favourite occupation.: "I don't think it's many little girls' dream to be a receptionist. " - Pam, The Office

Your idea of happiness: Having strong faith, being comfortable in your own skin and loving the people you are around.

Your idea of misery.: Being locked in a room with Nickelback blaring on the radio. I got goosebumps typing that.

If not yourself, who would you be? Carrie Underwood or Reese Witherspoon. Hands down.

Where would you like to live? With Jack and Tank in St. Lucia (yes, we watched the bachelor last night and were dreaming of living there and thinking of how simple life would be).

Your favourite colour and flower. Purple. It has always been my favorite color ever since I was little. I LOVED purple sweethearts. I don't trust people who go around changing their favorite colors all the time or who claim "PINK" is their favorite color. Real original. Favorite Flower: Hydrandgia (sp?) They die quickly though.... Oh and my new favorite flowers are Orchid's

Your favorite prose authors.: ??? I don't even know what prose means

Your favorite heroes in fiction. Edward Cullen

Your favorite heroines in fiction. Hermione Granger.

Your heroes in real life.: Tank (the 50lb. bully that caught a bunny last weekend)

Your favorite heroines in real life.: Mother T

What characters in history do you most dislike.: Hitler, although WWandGS seem to think he did great work. Haha, I kid. And I also hate the people of the KKK. Sick-os

Your heroines in World history: Sarah Palin hahaha, KIDDING. That woman is embarrassing. Probably Princess Dianna or Rosa Parks.

Your favorite food and drink. CHICKEN TENDERS I prefer Bubba's, State and Allen or The Brooke in Tulsa ----- and WINE and water.

Your favorite names. Lorena Bobbit. Who could ever forget what she did with a name like that.

What I hate the most.: Stupid People, or girls who try to act stupid to be funny and they really aren't stupid and it's really not funny.

World history characters I hate the most: I mentioned Hilter on the question above. Some bunny loves you!

The military event I admire the most: This isn't really an EVENT, but when I was younger my Dad would always have me help him raise the flag on our big flag pole out back. He always stressed the importance of not letting the American Flag hit the ground. So I think that is pretty cool.... the importance of the flag and what it means to American's. Sorry, I was trying to think of something other than the cliche' Veteran's Day. Which is what popped into my head first for obvious reason's.

The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with: Singing. Some might say I already have it though :)

How I wish to die: I use to say in my sleep, but now I think I would rather die after saying goodbye to all of my friends and family with Jack sitting by my side. I don't want to go alone in my sleep.

What is your present state of mind.: I'm in a New York state of mind......

For what fault have you most toleration? Puppies who potty in the house. They can't help it, hello, they are puppies.

Your favorite motto.: You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. (Maybe more of a saying than a "motto").

The Questions

Jamie Judd, our friend of the week, has so graciously answered a set of questions for us. This week, we are doing things a little differently. We have taken questions from the “Proust Questionnaire.” These are the same questions that the famous French writer Marcel Proust answered a few times during his life. These questions are suppose to reveal the taste and aspirations of the taker.

Here is some background information, brought to you by our dear friend Mr. Wikipedia:

The Proust Questionnaire is a questionnaire about one's personality. Its name and modern popularity as a form of interview is owed to the responses given by the French writer Marcel Proust.

At the end of the nineteenth century, when Proust was still in his teens, he answered a questionnaire in an English-language confession album belonging to his friend Antoinette, daughter of future French President Félix Faure, entitled "An Album to Record Thoughts, Feelings, etc." At that time, it was a fad among English families to answer such a list of questions that revealed the tastes and aspirations of the taker.

Proust answered the questionnaire several times in his life, always with enthusiasm.
I was so lucky to receive a Proust Questionnaire book of my own.

It is probably the cutest coffee table book I have ever received, because it also serves as a guest book. When new company comes over, you can have them fill it out. This book also has many surveys filled out by famous people.

Some of you may know this, but Vanity Fair saves the last page of their magazine for a “Proust Questionnaire,” which famous people answer.

Without further a do…the next post will have Jamie Judd’s answers. Enjoy, and pick yourself up a book!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friend of the Week - Photo

Please take a moment to look at everything going on in this picture, and those of you featured in it, or who were there for this occasion, let me know if you remember it.

Happy FAT Tuesday and My New Countdown

Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup, Happy Fat Tuesday to you all. BEADS for everyone who visits our site. Not really, but hope you have something fun planned this evening to ring in Mardis Gras.

If you would like to stay home tonight and eat fatty, I totally agree with this. Why you ask? Here's a short history lesson: Fat Tuesday marks the last day of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenton Season, Ash Wednesday. To me, this is an excuse to do what I want this evening.

If you have plans to hit the town, please be sure to pack the following: masks, costumes, beads and pants you can get down to. It's time to celebrate. Be sure to wear the festive purple, gold and green colors, as well. If you are going half way, might as well go the whole way.

To be honest, I would be shaking in my gold heels if I were on Bourbon street right now. That place is crazy.

On to more important business - as many of you may know, I am obsessed with Elton John. I have no idea where this obsession came from, but it's here and grows deep from my heart. In 9 days, I will get to see him in last. Let the countdown begin!

Guessing Game....

Initials: J.J.
Gender: Female
Favorite Dog Breed: Bulldog
Alumni: University of Oklahoma
Relationship Status: Married
Hobbies: Nintendo, Cooking for her “Hubby” and taking care of her son Tank
Hometown: Choctaw, OK
Favorite Food: Fried Chicken Fingers

Can anyone guess what I am talking about? FRIEND OF THE WEEK, PEOPLE. Jamie Judd has been selected to do us the honor of being friend of the week. If you have not checked out her blog, get there now:

Her personal interview to come, tomorrow. Like Sarah has said before, great things are always worth the wait.

Til next time, may the force be with you.

Han Solo, Super Me, and Ghandi

I am sure you are confused right now. Let me explain...

As many of you know, I thoroughly enjoy science fiction and fantasy. I love imagining a world where wizards, dragons, and super heroes really exist. I really think it all started the first time I ever saw Star Wars as a child. I wanted to BE Princess Leia and I wanted to marry Han Solo (I still do btw look at him up there all devilish, darling, and defiant).

So, basically, I think about this kind of stuff everyday: What if I was a wizard? What if I had this super power or that super power? What if I could get in my De Lorean and travel back in time with Doc Brown? How would I use these abilities and who would benefit from them besides just me? (Hello DORKY side of Sarah).

Just this morning I was evaluating the pros and cons of being bullet proof. Literally this is what goes through my head: If I was bullet proof, I don't know how that would benefit anyone other than me unless I was in the right place at the right time, like that girl who could turn into diamonds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And it would really only help me out if I was in the wrong place at the wrong on my dad's farm during deer season. In order for this to be really helpful, I would have to literally seek out trouble to make a difference, and I still couldn't do much in the way of rebuilding communities or attacking bad guys...or even flying to Paris on a whim. So, I don't think I would want to be bullet proof.

So I am sure right now you are wondering, well what super power would Sarah want to have? Well friends, it is telekinesis. I have this dream at least once a week (so far this week I am going strong at two nights out of two) that I am trying to save the world and that I have discovered this ability to move things with my mind. Last night it was a bunch of ice and rocks being hurled at me that I was repelling by just holding up my hand. Often, I throw people against walls, open gates that are locked shut, and stop trains from hitting my friends and family. Yes, I am THAT WEIRD.

Before you run away laughing, I do have some "wisdom" I'd like to share. I think the reason I have all of these dreams and wishes of being Super Me is that I really strive everyday to make a difference in the world around me. It would be so much easier to do if I could hop on a plane to Haiti and just rebuild Port au Prince with my bare hands. But, I can't. So I will settle for $50 donations here and there, dropping off clothes at Genesis every couple of months, and always offering to help out when I am asked (unless it is before 8am). So to all of you muggles out there, I say this: keep dreaming of and acting like a better version of you so that hopefully one day we create a better version of our world.

My favorite quote of all time: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Thanks Gandhi...and Han :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy President's Day!

Last but not least, for all you idiots that get the day off, please thank our friends George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. If it were not for these two studs, you would be breathing office air right now, just like me.

Here is some background: Presidents' Day is celebrated in February to honor two of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The holiday is celebrated in the United States on the third Monday in February.

Originally called Washington's Birthday, it was a day set aside in 1885 by President Chester Arthur as a day to honor the "father of our country." In the 1960s, reformers sought to include the name change to President's Day in order to include honoring President Abraham Lincoln. The resolution was defeated and, contrary to popular belief, the name of the federal holiday has never been officially changed although popular usage has made President's Day appear on advertising, calendars and in the media. Even the White House refers to the holiday as President's Day.

(George's Birthday is February 22nd and Abe's was on February 12th.)

Didn't know you were going to get a history lesson today, did you? Hope nobody is checking our blog for plagiarism.

T.G.I.M....Sort Of.

So here we are…it’s Monday. I started this new segment, T.G.I.M., to help us all speak more highly of Monday and have a better attitude about the dreaded day. I hate being so negative on Monday’s, so I thought this would help.

For some reason on Monday morning, I can’t get out of bed, I don’t want to get out of bed, I can’t work out, I don’t wear lip stick, I wear a frown and quite frankly, I want to get home and get to bed and let Tuesday begin.

One saving grace on Mondays is to think about the upcoming weekend. Now if you have been a little wild the weekend before, this is sometimes hard to do. I often catch myself saying, “I am never going to drink again, I am going on a diet, see you in 2 months.” This attitude normally changes when Wednesday hits, and I am ready to hit the town once again and “tie one on.” (Love that saying)

After my relaxing weekend at home, I can honestly say, “I am ready to tie one on.” But even thinking about the weekend ahead is not helping my Monday blues. So, I am going to keep repeating to myself how lucky I am to even be breathing in this office air, how lucky I am to see, speak, smell and to have two arms and two legs and all my fingers and toes. This will make me thankful and get me through the remainder of the day.

Hope everyone’s having a good one. 4 more days.

Yellow Part 2

I forgot to mention one other thing I did that was new and different this weekend that did not go over very well. On Friday I tried to be adventurous and make Patrick a peanut butter, jelly, cheese, and tortilla chip sandwich on whole wheat. Apparently the peanut butter was four months past expiration and the sandwich tasted like peanut shells. I won't be trying that one again.


Yellow everyone! So this weekend I tried out a lot of new places and one new thing in Dallas, and I feel like sharing with all of you beautiful readers. Here you go:

Kismet: Friday night birthday bash for Venk, Lackey, and Bucky Rob = One of the best nights out in awhile! Happy birthday to you all!!!

Tacos Y Mas: Saturday late morning, decided to try a new breakfast taco place with Patrick. Delicious tacos, but very cold and wet outside while waiting at the pick up window.

Veritas: Saturday early evening, champagne and cupcake tasting with two of my favorite friends (Liz and Norton - Kendra, thank you for the recommendation we have to go back when it is less crowded). The cupcakes came from Citizen Sweet and were all natural and just a little bit bigger than bite size. SO GOOD - the creamy dreamy vanilla cupcake was just about the best thing I have ever had.

Terellis: Saturday night with same favorite friends mentioned above. The place isn't new (duh, I go there every other weekend) but I did try the mussels for the first time, and I tell you what, I was not disappointed. I think I might start getting those now instead of the Italchos. This is just typical of me because I always order mussels every time I see them on the menu, and I hadn't at Terellis because I liked other stuff so much I didn't want to get stuck on the damn mussels. I guess you can't avoid the inevitable, right?

Whole Foods in Lakewood: Enjoyed some Sunday afternoon grocery shopping with the Scarves. Had never been to this location before. Bought some awesome cheese and tapenade. Definitely my favorite Whole Foods in Dallas.

So, after trying all of these new things this weekend, and having very positive results, I am going to try to do new things all week. Tonight I might even work out. I will let you know how that goes...



Friday, February 12, 2010

Some "Bunny" Loves you! Happy Valentine's Day! Love your friends, WWAGS.

Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"


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Pupdate: I have a Daughter

As some of you probably already know, I have a daughter named Lucy Le. She’s 4 years old, and will be turning 5, April 13th. She is the light of my world and the apple of my eye. I got her the summer before my last semester of college. (Boomer!) Since I could not take my kid to school with me, my parents said they would watch her, and well, they ended up loving her as much as I do.

When I decided to move to TX, I gave my parents sole custody of Lucy. I get to see her when I come home for the weekends, and we enjoy our time together. We played a massive game of “catch my hands,” last night, and my right hand has red marks all over it. Lucy is almost 5, but she still loves to bite/chew.

As you can see, Lucy has great hair. (She does not take after her mother.) Her favorite hobby is sleeping, and she LOVES trying to get human food. Lucy dislikes long car rides, wearing clothes and hates when people are loud when she’s trying to sleep. A beauty like this, must get her beauty rest. Speaking of which, she’s sleeping right now. Dogs have the life.

Well, I wanted the world to meet my favorite daughter. One day, I plan to have my own shiz-tzu, and her name will be Muffee Le.

Hope everyone is having a great snow day. I thought I was beating the system by going on a work trip and getting out of the office – instead, I missed a snow day and a half day of work today! Something about snow days that can’t be explained – it’s a feeling of freedom, cold, and childlike behavior.

I am jealous. And T.G.I.F…sounds like it’s going to be a great weekend in the big D. Watch out for the NBA crowd....and how could I forget, Happy Valentine's Day Weekend.

May the force be with you.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

No Todd Today

I'm out of info on Todd and due to the inclement weather I didn't get a chance to get more info from mrs el fidler. Anyway, I'm sorry.


Ever since I can remember I have been in love with snow. Waking up to those big white flakes falling from the sky is one of my favorite
things in the world. I feel a little Julie Andrews right now but I can't help it, I love the snow! When I was a little Sarah the snow
was a chance to get out of school for the day, build snowmen with my dad and my brother and drink hot chocolate by the fire when we came in for the day wet from head to toe but completely content. When I was a teenage Sarah, snow meant a Simpson winter weekend and snowball fights with friends, which usually meant it was time for me to get pummeled to the ground. Now that I am an adult Sarah snow still means building snowmen, snowball fights, and a chance to sleep in. I guess it just brings the rare opportunity to relive some of those more carefree Edmond, Oklahoma days that I don't really get to have down here in Dallas, Texas. So kids, I know today is going to be a good day for several reasons: 1) duh, the snow; 2) the fact that I get to spend the day at the Belo learning about securities; and 3) it's finally
thursday, my favorite day of the week! And it is SNOWING!!!!

Stay warm everyone!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am busy and LOST

Devoted followers, did you know that this is the second time since WWANDGS has started that Ande and I have made a post at EXACTLY the same time? CRAZY.

I am having a DAY. And, by DAY I do not mean a day where I overuse all caps. I will stop that NOW. I am just so damn busy my head is spinning. But that is the nature of the business, right? Ebbs and flows. That is what they told me in my interview anyway...

I don't have much to say today because I am just kind of hopping around all over the place and I can't really be creative right now. I would, however, like to say that I am so happy that Lost is back on. Tuesdays used to be my second to last favorite day of the week, and they are quickly replacing Wednesdays as my fourth favorite day.

My comments on last night's show: (Don't read this if you haven't watched it yet) I just love Jack and Sayid. I literally cried last night when Jack took that pill so that the weirdo in the temple would tell him what was in it. I cried even harder when Kate and Sawyer were sitting on the dock and he was telling her that he was going to ask Juliet to marry him. I screamed when I saw Ethan in the hospital. WTF. Then, at the end I cried and screamed because I was so happy to see Claire again, but so sad to know the she is now kind of evil. But, I just have to say that all of these tears were just an expression of how much I love this damn show and how frustrated I am ALREADY becoming because they are not answering enough of my QUESTIONS. There are only 14 episodes left!!! There is no time for filler episodes!!! I know most of you agree with me. I need to watch it again to see if there is anything I didn't pick up on. If I am still lost (haha) after that, I might scream (again)...If I am still lost at the end of the season, I will just give up on television forever.

In other is my little sis Shelby's birthday. Happy birthday little! I love you!!! (Although, I don't know if you read this blog or not...I think I will call you to tell you happy birthday too in case you don't get this).

So everyone, remember...

Live together, die alone.



Afternoon Ramblings

I am a creature of habit. I have my rituals I do everyday from the moment I wake up, turn off the fan, turn on the light, get of bed on the same side, etc. One of my rituals/vices is to lie in bed each morning before work, sip on a Diet Coke and watch the Today Show. Little “me” time, before I have to face the corporate world. I know soft drinks aren’t good for you, but they are what I do.

Yesterday evening after work, I heard a startling report on the news – soft drinks increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.
“Analyses of data collected on 60,524 Singapore Chinese adults showed that people who drank two or more sugar-sweetened soft drinks a week were at greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared with individuals who did not, the study published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention says.”
Really, all I can say to this is FML…. I can’t quit Diet Coke. It’s me. It’s what I drink. I don’t drink coffee, so where else am I suppose to get my morning jolt? I guess it's a trade off for not smoking.
To other news, I am ready for the OLYMPICS to begin. TEAM U.S.A….okay, I really only like watching Shawn White, bob-sledding and figure skating. (I think liking to watch figure skating may be one of those things you don’t admit, I would like to call it a guilty pleasure.)
And last but not least… it’s been one of those days. I would like to keep my place of work anonymous, but I did get an email today requesting that I allow a person to dress as a taco and skate around the store to promote Tacos. Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Hope you all have a happy “hump” day, and may the force be with me, so I can get some better material to write about. Until next time.

Friend of the Week - Wednesday Edition

The Banana Kick

Following our conversation about El Fidler's musical ability, I decided to dig a little bit deeper and find out some other proud moments in his life. So, naturally, I asked him, "what other moments have made you proud?" My notes on this question are a little bit helter skelter, so I may have some major misquotes here. El, please correct me if I am wrong.

El Fidler:

On Baseball...

One time my 7th grade baseball coach, Mr. Panky, wrote on a baseball that every kid wanted to be me and that I was so good at sports. And, he even had a kid our age. I hit an .838 in little league baseball.

On Soccer...

I was playing goalie on the dusters, my under 10 soccer team...I was in the Bear League, Jack was in the less competitive Jenks League (haha).

Ande: was dusters short for the crop dusters?


Ande: does anyone get that? I bet Wrigley is a crop duster.


El Fidler:

So it was the semi-finals of the state tournament about a minute left and we have a corner kick and my dad pulls me out of goalie to do the corner kick because I am the only one who can do a banana kick. (make sure you include the banana kick). I kicked it directly into the goal. I spun it right in!

Mrs. El Fidler: Do you have any proud moments past 12?

El Fidler: I can't really think of anything past 12 years old. But, I got into business school.


And it is not as good as the banana kick.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Friend of the Week - Tuesday Edition

Oshkin Slaughters

Not many of you know this about El Fidler, but he is a very talented baritone singer. During our interview last Saturday I asked him to please explain how he realized this amazing talent, the following exchange took place:

El Fidler: Around 4th grade I was having a hard time getting off the couch. I had Oshkin Slaughters in my knees.

Mrs. El Fidler: OMG no you did not!

El Fidler: Yes I did! I still have bumps from it! (SIDENOTE: Matt Colter had it too). I grew to six feet in fifth grade. So I was changing...

I was the first one in my grade to have armpit hair, which Jack realized in the hot tub. Make sure to put this in there, there were a bunch of girls in the hot tub too.

So my voice got really deep and I did 5th grade choir and that's when I got pulled aside by the music teacher and she said I should "stick with music, that's where your future is." She even called my mom to tell her that.

So readers, what do you think about this? Should we have El Fidler sing karaoke far more often??? I think so.

The Challengers

Yesterday I did some six-disc changer switching around in the Jetta. I took out La Roux to listen to it in the office, and I put in the Bends because I was feeling a little out of touch and needed something to put me back in a good place. So for some reason I had the Challengers by the New Pornographers shoved into the Bends CD case, yes I still buy CDs, although I haven't in quite some time, and ever since about 930am yesterday I have had the song the Challengers stuck in my head. This morning I had a dermatologist appointment, and on my way there I decided to have a listen to the song I had been singing literally non-stop all morning. (Sidenote: Paul was shaking like a leaf when I left today, I think I scared him with my awful voice).

So after listening to this song four times in a row, interrupted only by a phone call to the dermatologist to let them know I was running 15 minutes late to my appointment, I started to really think about what it means. I will get to that in a second...

I went through a phase about two years ago where all I would listen to is this CD. I was obsessed. I go through that about every other month. I find an album I just play to death, and then I set it aside, usually for eternity. The only bands I want to listen to everyday forever are Radiohead and the Beatles, but there are a few songs out there that I could play over and over again and never get tired of. The Challengers is one of those songs. I know that some of my readers don't like this song, I remember one in particular who told me he disliked it quite strongly during my New Pornographers stage, I won't call you out but you know who you are :)

ANYWAY, my point is, I love this song. My understanding is that it is about two people falling in love when they are both already with someone else, and coming to terms with the fact that they will just have to wait to be together sometime in the future when the time is right. Maybe they had an affair, maybe they just stayed up all night talking, but, I think that there is so much more to the message than just that. To me, it has to do with everything in life that is worth putting away in safe-keeping until the time is know everything worthwhile is worth waiting for. Whether it is true love, your dream job, finishing your novel that you have started nine times but never written more than five pages (well that might just be my fault), finding get my point, these are all things that don't happen immediately even if it feels like they should, like you deserve them, or that you want them so bad. You have no control over it and you just have to wait until the accounts are cleared, and one day it will all make sense and come together. I like to think that this is how the world works and that eventually it will all come together for me...until then I will remain a challenger of the unknown.

Have a listen for yourself and let me know what you think...

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Beat Boxing for You

Today, I have a lot of random thoughts, so I am going to call this post: Beat Box Morning Brew. Enjoy. This is what is going on in my head about 80% of the time. Yes, it does get tiring.

  • Bills, bills, bills. What if bills came in the form of greeting cards…you know, a nice folded card with a sweat message enclosed. “Dear Ande, we are so sorry to find you during this time of debt, but it is time to pay your cable bill again.” Of course, it would come with some great, sweet graphics and lots of color. Wouldn’t you be so much more reluctant to pay that bill, not to mention receive the bill.

  • How bad do you hate it when you are walking down the hall, and someone says, “Smile.” This, for me, is always a wake up call that sometimes I walk around looking grumpy. Little do they know I have a dance beat in my head and thinking about the upcoming weekend. I just didn’t feel like talking to them. Even worse, you look tired today. Thank you. Really, thank you.

  • Why in the world are david allen coe’s “why do we drink” and Robert Earl Keen’s “road goes on forever, party never ends” stuck in my head today? If the world only knew….And that makes me think, wonder what’s always going on in someone’s head. Your life soundtrack. I have thought about this before… and I can’t choose a good song for my life soundtrack.

  • Why can’t we be living on the East Coast right now and be having a snow day?
  • Why can’t No Fear t-shirts come back in style? As you can probably tell, I am a true sap for motivational quotes. No Fear shirts allowed us to wear these and express go get em’ quotes all day. How about “you miss 90% of the shots you don’t take.” Now that could really be the pushing point for someone.

  • Why is Taylor Swift on at least one radio station every time I turn the Radio on? Try it next time you get in your car. I guarantee that teen will be on.
  • When I get on the cast for the bachelor next season, will they expose our blog? Hello book deal.

I will leave you with this. Tuesday is not a fun day. We got over Monday, but we still have 4 more long work days ahead. This might motivate you to keep going: “The most successful people are those that work the hardest, and they are the most happy.” I will keep telling myself this, but seems to me that most presidents of companies are sitting back and chillaxing or playing golf… but I guess they worked their way there.

May the force be with you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Friend of the Week - The First Friend

Drum roll please....(in my head I am imagining the scene from Christmas Vacation where Clark is showing off the lights and Ellen is doing the drum roll so all of you start thinking of that too)...


TODD "El Fidler" FIDLER!!!!

Ande and I sat down with Mr. Fidler at State and Allen over the weekend for an impromptu interview. We had white wine. Todd had Stella. Also in attendance was Todd's beautiful wife Madeleine and their daughter Wrigley. Wrigley was sporting a lovely Mohawk that day. It all began when I pulled out my Yellow Submarine note pad to scratch out some calculations regarding the fastest-run mile on record. You see, we had just finished a 5K that morning (I did the 1 mile fun walk) so we were in the mood to talk about some running world records. Madeleine and Ande put a stop to the calculating, however, but not before we determined that the man who ran the fastest mile in Rome in 1999 (I forget his name) at 3:43 ran it at 16 MPH and that equated to running each 40 yard dash contained within the mile in 11 seconds. Interesting stuff, I know.

Anyway, back to the interview. The overhead heaters kept my little fingers warm as I took down notes for our first ever interview, it was a very cold day and we all still had on our running gear. Todd led us through an inspiring tale of childhood sporting feats (which you will read about tomorrow) and his most recent accomplishments (which our Friend seems to think are very few in number). When I asked him what his mantra was he responded with "do what you want." Oddly enough, the story behind said mantra related directly to yesterday's Super Bowl and one Saints Quarterback named Drew Brees. So, in honor of the Saints victory over the Colts, I leave you with this little Toddbit...

El Fidler: We were in Kansas City for the Big 12 Championship, I think it was in 2004. We were staying at the American Inn, and were down in the karaoke bar called the Spirits Lounge, it is a magical place. Well, everyone started joking around and telling people at the bar that I was Drew Brees.

Me: Who is Drew Brees?

El Fidler: Well at the time he was the quarterback for the Chargers but now he is the quarterback for the Saints.

Me: Oh right, that is why I have heard of him.

El Fidler: So, this went on for awhile until a mom, one bartender, and the mom's 12 year old son came up for an autograph on a napkin. The mom pulled me aside and told me that her son was such a big fan of the NFL and that this would mean so much to him. And, so, I signed the napkin "do what you want - Drew Brees #42," which was my number at the time (haha).

Me: Did you feel guilty?

El Fidler: Not at the time (haha). I think he figured it out. Drew Brees is #9 and the Chargers were playing in San Diego the next day.

More to come tomorrow...

Friend of the Week - The Rules

On Saturday afternoon, Ande and I decided that we need to add a few weekly/daily features to White Wine and Glow Sticks so that all of our devoted readers know what to expect when they visit us each day. You had your first taste of these new features with this morning's "TGIM," ALC's new weekly column. I have yet to decide what my contribution will be, but I hope that it lives up to her inspiring standards.

After some brainstorming, and several attempts to implement a "Fidler Friday," which would have required Madeleine and/or Todd to guest blog each week, since they decided they didn't want to do that, and we decided we wanted to include more of you, we settled on what we think is going to be a huge hit with all of you...FRIEND OF THE WEEK!!! We hope that this feature (a collaborative effort for sure) will bring you some excitement and competition over the coming days. Each week we are going to choose a Friend of the Week (hereinafter the "Friend") who will be featured in one blog entry a day, Monday through Thursday. These features could simply be a list of the Friend's likes and dislikes, his/her family tree, his/her stripper name (you know first pet's name and street you grew up on), or a just quick Q&A about their past/present/future. I think you get the point. Each Friday of that Friend's week we will ask him/her to contribute as a guest blogger in order to update all of us on how their special week went. If the Friend fails to blog, he/she will be punished, but we are not sure how just yet. On Fridays we will also ask all of you to submit to us your nominations for the Friend for the following week. Whoever receives the most nominations, subject to approval by the Board (SES and ALC), will be chosen as the new Friend. Please note: the Board reserves the right to appoint any person as Friend of the Week that it deems fit for the role, regardless of nominations received. In addition, no person can serve as Friend for consecutive weeks, unless said person is in dire need of attention.

We will be back sometime this afternoon to announce the first recipient. I know you all are about to pee in your pants you are so excited. Just hold it. It won't be too long.

Weekend Pupdate

So, this weekend started off quite nicely. On Friday, Liz and I attended a happy hour with Kendra and some other girls at Bar Celine. I guess it wasn't exactly a happy hour since we got there at 8:30 and left at 10:15, but it was quite enjoyable. The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Bishop Arts for the first annual dash for the beads. Those in attendance included Paul "the lobster" Smith, Sarah Smith (me), Liz Stutts, Ande Courtney, Madeleine and Todd Fidler, Jesse Smith (no relation), Kendra Mayer, Erin Burrows and Justin England. Paul was a very good lobster and dash for the beads participant. He took pictures with little girls, made friends with another dog dressed as a lobster, and even got his picture taken by the Dallas Morning News! However, it was supposed to be on some blog and I forgot to remember the name, and now I can't find it. Anyone have any ideas how I can locate that? And, yes, I have already tried Google. So Paul only did the one mile fun walk because he was very very cold and he is very very small. He had so much fun though and was really excited to give back to the Oak Cliff community that he loves so much (he likes charity almost as much as his mom).

Afterward we took him home and went to lunch at State and Allen. Ande, Madeleine, Todd, and I stayed for quite some time and I had quite a bit a wine. This resulted in a nice quiet nap followed by a nice quiet evening in shared with John "the Dark Lord" Zimmermann and little Paul watching Zombieland - absolutely hilarious. Paul was not exactly the best guest at his Uncle John's, and Uncle John still referred to him as Voldemort when we left, but he did let his guard down and play Paul's favorite game of "run around the coffee table" for a bit after the movie.

Sunday was primarily occupied by work and cleaning followed by a Super Bowl party at Tommy and Leslye's. Paul was not allowed to attend because as Uncle John put it "he would have alienated the whole party." He really needs to work on his manners (Paul, not John).

SIDENOTE: My favorite commercial last night was FOR SURE the VW one with all the slug bugging and the Stevie Wonder slug bug at the end. I watched it again this morning and laughed a lot.

Later today I am going to start a new feature called Friend of the Week. I am particularly excited about this, and can assure you that our first choice provided some pretty hilarious blogging fodder. Anyway, that's about all I've got right now.

Oh yeah, and I beat Neil Ferrari at chess with friends last night. All of you nerds out there should download it and play me. Unless you are really terrible, you will beat me.



Thank Goodness It’s Monday. That’s right. I said, I am happy it’s Monday. I am sure many of you have already ex’d out of our blog, because you are one of those grumpy bears that loathe the thought of Monday. You are the exact person I am trying to speak to.

I have decided to try to bring joy and excitement to the ever so dreaded Monday. There’s too much negetivity associated to this day of the week. Dreading Monday is a ridiculous way to spend one-seventh of your life. So what if…what if we decided to look at Monday morning in the same way we look at Friday afternoon?

Why not welcome every Monday with the same aniticipation and exitement that most people only reserve for Fridays? It can’t be that hard, can it? I know, many of you are sitting at your desks thinking, she’s really annoying, but let’s try it! Let’s bring some positive thoughts back to the day called Monday.

Reasons to be thankful on a Monday morning: The weekend is over, and you have a few days to be healthy and not fill the body with booze till the weekend starts again. The actual action of just waking up and being alive should be enough to enjoy Monday. Whatever it is that can make your Monday more enjoyable, make the small change today.

How can you work to put Monday on a pedestal? We will be looking at this on a weekly basis. Project TGIM: The Monday Challenge.

May the force be with you.

**EDITOR'S NOTE: I would be lying if I told you I wasn't already having a case of the Mondays. The weekend is gone for the next 5 days, I missed my morning workout, I have been rained on, commuted for about 40 minutes, and it should only be about 15 minutes and I already have too many emails in the In Box...T.G.I.M. is something I need to work on. If you build it, they will come.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Nearly every day, I feel that “there’s not enough time in the day.” We have to work, run errands, talk on the phone, commute, workout, find time for oursleves… I find myself saying, there’s never enough time. And sometimes, I have one of those Jessie Spano moments when she freaks out because there’s never enough time and she’s taken too many caffiene pills. (idiot)

I came across a qoute that I wanted to share. I think this will help me to stay more motivated and realize that there is enough time if I don’t take as many breaks or think I need more hours of sleep etc.

“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo de Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.”

After reading this, I decided, it’s true, we have enough time. So, it’s time to get myself in gear and seize the day! There is enough time; it just depends on what you do with your time.

May the force be with you.

Friday, February 5, 2010


So in case anyone is wondering, my Aunt Natalie Smith (Paul's great aunt) went over to my house at lunch to take little Paul out and all he did was growl at her. I swear that little thing has a split personality. He is so sweet sometimes and other times he just acts like he wants to bite your hand off. He needs a stern talking to. Anyway, luckily, he hadn't had an accident as of 1 pm, but I am guessing that when Liz gets home at 5:30 he has just soiled all over the place. Don't worry though, I went to PetCo and got puppy pads and Wee Wee to get this problem solved.

I wonder if the Tanners had this problem when they first got Comet?

Tomorrow Paul will be dressed as a lobster for the Dash for the Beads 5K in Bishop Arts. $100 says I will be carrying him the entire way. Good thing I have an excuse not to run...

Best day of the work week.

It’s Friday. You can feel the freedom of the weekend at your fingertips. No matter what the day of work brings, you know that at 5:00 o’clock, you can run out of the office and tell those crazy people you work with, “See you Monday, weirdos.” AGH….nothing like it.

I hope everyone has some great weekend plans – whether this means you are taking it easy and giving yourself some R & R, or you are going full force with glow sticks and too many glasses of wine.

I, along with Sarah, and many of my fellow friends will be participating in the “Dash for the Beads" run. (Race name just has FUN written all over it.) I love fun runs, but I hate when they publish the results online. Have a little respect people. I once ran a 10K race at a very slow pace, and now when you google my name, my name and race time show up…as well, as the fun fact of me coming in 3rd to last of the entire race. If this doesn’t do damage to one’s self esteem, I don’t know what does! So after the run, I hope to have some post race drinks and brunch and then who knows. That’s what is so great about the weekend- no deadlines. I could sit and watch DVR, I could play wii, or I could go wine myself all night.

Sunday, for me, is a day of getting organized for the week to come and recover from the great weekend i had. Don’t judge, but I don’t think I will participate in Super Bowl activities. I have never been a Sunday Funday girl. I can remember the one and only time I did Sunday Funday, and I ended up getting my picture with “Al.” (He’s the guy on Kid Kraddick that goes around to bars and sees drunk girls and then makes fun of them on the radio Monday morning.) I had no idea it was Al, till my friend Madeleine pointed it out. I was duped that day, and I can only hope I did not make it into Al’s mean morning radio lineup.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Live it up, because Monday’s come too soon. One last note, book club was a success. Good book, great company, good wine…really, how could you go wrong? The craziest thing, we really did discuss the book! Great book by the way. Props to Sarah for getting this club together.

May the force be with you. (and yours)

Books, Wine, Greenwood, and Green

On a cold, rainy night in Dallas, eight graduates of the University of Oklahoma and one graduate of Texas Tech Junior College (you know who you are) met at Times Ten Cellars to discuss the Bell Jar. It was the first meeting of this newly founded book club, one that had been postponed only once. Most of the girls had read at least 2/3 of the book. It seemed from the beginning that this would be a very successful night. So the girls sat around and shared their feelings about Esther Greenwood and her madness, Sylvia Plath and her suicide, and how thankful they were that they lived in a world where they were able to be independent women, without feeling guilty and depressed. The girls decided that this would be the beginning of a wonderful literary journey for them. After several bottles and glasses of wine they decided that every meeting from this point forward would take place at wine bars throughout Dallas. "What a wonderful idea," thought the Texas Tech graduate, "I used to work at a wine bar." The girls then turned the conversation to a rather sad note, and yes there are things that are sadder than the Bell Jar. One among them would be leaving soon to return to her Green roots in Oklahoma. She would be departing by the end of the month, only to return on weekends for parties and special occasions.

The self-appointed president of the book club fell asleep on her couch later that night with a little dog named Paul. He pooped and peed on the floor while she slept. She should have gotten those puppy pads last week at PetCo (where the pets go). When the self-appointed president woke up this morning she was very sad for, tomorrow, three OU graduates who live across the way will be moving out and onto better places. Two just across town, and the other one (the book club member I mentioned before) far north across the Red River. But, the self-appointed book club president could not dwell on such things at that moment because she woke up an hour late and had to get ready for work. Once again Paul the little dog had pooped on the floor and she had to clean it up before she left for her commute up north. She decided when she left to leave the little guy out that morning. He doesn't realize that his crated fate will be determined by in his behavior this morning.

Currently the self-appointed book club president is sitting at her desk in Addison. She is reflecting on all of the wonderful memories that she has made over the past three years at the Gables with Green, Strueber, Smith, Hoge, Neal, Cox and Stutts. "Man, I am getting old," she thinks as she lets out a very long sigh. But, the self-appointed president knows that friends like these last forever, and that she is so very happy to be in this place in her life right now. Unlike Esther Greenwood all of her female peers are able to pursue their dreams with gusto and realize that the future, while uncertain, is not something to be afraid of but something to embrace. So Mary, when you go back to Oklahoma and you find your dream job, please remember, there are a whole lot of people back here in Dallas wishing you well and wishing, and hoping, that you will visit us at least once a month. You will be missed more than you will ever know.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well Hey...

When I get nervous about getting up in front of people to speak, going out on the dance floor to dance, or entering a room when I know I am going to be intimidated, I always imagine what it would be like if every time I was required to do such a thing the song Honky Tonk Women by the Rolling Stones came on and everyone had to turn and watch me strut up to the front/into the room like I was Mick Jagger himself. Then I smile and continue on with whatever public endeavor I am about to make with a little less apprehension (and yes I realize the irony in the fact that this song is about prostitutes and that I have to picture myself as a man to be confident, but, it is not just any man, it is Mick Jagger, so I don't really think that is anti-feminist, just rock and roll). I am telling you this because I just listened to that song in anticipation of this public endeavor in hopes that I might make myself a little less nervous about writing this initial blog entry. I hope it worked.

Ande and I originally decided to embark on this journey together after reading a report about the Full House house that is currently on sale in San Francisco. At first, we wanted to tie in the Tanners to our little project, but that idea was rebuked by two of our most beloved critics, Jamie and Mary. So, we decided to come up with something a little more germane to our relationship, enter White Wine and Glow Sticks. I would like to follow in the footsteps of my co-contributor and outline a few of my favorite things, but before I do so I feel that it is necessary to add my own disclaimer regarding your reading experience. I doubt very seriously that my blogging will be quite so hilarious as that of La Rhon. I often think that she deserves her own reality show, and I think that most of you would agree with me. She is hands down one of my favorite people on this planet, and I am so happy to be sharing this "space" with her. On my end, I promise to share with you a few of my quirky, self-centered, self-loathing, magical, and boring stories that make up my current Addison by day Dallas by night end of my mid twenties single Paul-owning existence (yes Patrick I know I left out some proper punctuation) that I find to be quite happy and fulfilling but not always that exciting. So now that I have either built this up too much or already caused you to proceed with complete skepticism...without further ado, my favorite things...

Harry Potter:
Two reasons (of many): I want to be a wizard and I love Albus Dumbledore: It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

The smellier the better.

Mussels and Escargot.

Ouias, ouais, ouais, ouais, ouais...

Sorry Dad.

Frank, Betsy, Curtis, and Ashley:
Three Smiths, one Smith to be.

Jack Daniels:
On the rocks.

I will love you forever Sayid.

Both of the TV and real life variety.

The Sooners and the State

And Finally...

The Beatles and John Lennon:
I cry every time I visit the Dakota in New York and every time I listen to Hey Jude. Five words to live by and to leave you with: All you need is love.

My Introduction.

Well, hello, fancy seeing you here. I am having many thoughts as to what to write about on my first post. Technically, this isn’t my first post to a blog. In 2007, I had a blog for about 2 whole days till I decided I had nothing to tell the world. But everyone has something to tell the world- just like Oprah said many years ago: “Everyone has a Story.” I would be lying if I said I didn’t like to talk about myself, but really, I feel like most of my readers know me. My story begins in Oklahoma and it has led me to present day, in Dallas. I have no idea if I want to live here my entire life, but I do know I am here now. I enjoy tanning, running, being with my hubby…okay, I am kidding. I am totally mocking facebook “about me’s” right now, and my loathe for the word “hubby.” Sorry it’s true. The “hubs” is even worse. But really to sum me up:

OCD – I like things so in order, I will be late to work to make sure my bed is made.

Happy – I strive for this every day. There’s no reason not to live in the moment and to be so thankful and happy. As my mother always says, “stop complaining, you have all your arms and limbs.” It’s so true. I also found out last night how happy I get when coloring. (Thank you Jessica for the awesome Fashion Coloring Book!)

Gamer – Well, since this past Monday, that is. I love the Wii.

Rhonda – I randomly named myself this for when times I felt large, in charge and obnoxious and wearing leopard…I originally got this from Road Trip. Don’t ask. But the name has stuck. Some days, I feel like introducing myself as Rhonda, or Rhonnie.

Today Show – You could say I am obsessed. But how could you not be? You wake up with Matt, Meredith, Anne and Al (cough cough, he’s my least favorite) every morning. They are family. And don’t forget the crowd staple: LENNY. I will meet him when I go to NYC in May. It’s my goal. If you don't know who I am talking about, please look for the man that is in the crowd, always bundled up- the cast sits up in front of him every morning, and sometimes, just sometimes, they give a shout out to him.

Old Age - I am determined to be the oldest woman living one day. Better knock out the booze, I know.

(That’s all I will give you now- you will have to tune in to find out more about me.)

As you know, Sarah and I have decided to start blogging about whatever comes to our mind. Having a dual blog will allow us to tell two stories…two different people that were brought together to blog by the love of glow sticks and white wine. Did that just make sense? I should probably go ahead and put a disclaimer out that I do not use proper grammar. I try. I can honestly say I try, but 9 times out of 10, I fail. Bare with me.

So throughout the day, I have many random thoughts that cross my mind. Some of them so random, I just want to share with people. Glow Sticks and White Wine will now be my outlet to get things out. Here is a random thought I would like to share with you today:

Why when you whisper to someone, they whisper back? No, I am not talking in a quiet movie. This just happened. I was walking down the hall, and I whispered, “hi.” (real question is why was I whispering when I could have been at a high octave level, we will never know) But why did the gentleman whisper “hi” back. But think about it- when people whisper to you, you just automatically whisper back. Try it now.

Okay, my random thought is not transpiring well when I write it out, so enough with that. Please don’t quit reading. I feel tomatoes being thrown at me already.

On to new news, we will be holding our first book club meeting this evening. Our first book topic will be The Bell Jar. Annoyingly, I can’t stop saying, “I feel like I am in a bell jar today,” because I like using it in context. Looking forward to talking about the book and really looking forward to socializing and “wining.” Nothing like a good glass of white wine to make up for a “day.” As I always say, if I were a smoker, “today is definitely a two pack day.” (I don’t smoke, but I know today would be a 2-packer.)

I had to buy 3 tires today for my sedan. (love calling cars, sedans) I feel like I should have just thrown the money out the window. At least I know my tires are in good shape as I am flying down the highway honking at everyone that I feel is getting in my lane. I am an over-obsessive honker. It’s out of control really. I honked at a nice, good looking gentleman the other day, and he flipped me off! I am still in shock. I was expecting him to flash me his pearly whites or tell me to pull over to get my digits- nope, he gave me the BIRD.

Well, check back soon, because I expect great things to be posted to this site. If you are interested in making a guest appearance, please feel free to contact us and we will make this happen.

Hmm… I would like to end with the same ending on all posts, but I don’t know what that could be. Maybe just XOXO... or how about, "may the force be with you." I once was interviewing a girl at my last job, and that's what I told her as she was leaving! She was probably so nervous, and I ended the interview, "may the force be with you." It got real awkard. Speaking of awkward, today I was on the phone trying to spell a name for a woman, "c as in cat...d as in dog... T as in TEA." HELLO RHONDA. T as in TEA. She definitely won't get that confused with another letter. Okay, really, I am probably boring you, and I am probably about to get fired.

May the force be with you. (and yours.)

A taste of things to come...

I know what you are thinking. This is going to be fun.