Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Irwin the Roo.

Who is red, born in Oklahoma, going through a legal battle, has his own Facebook page and can hop?

Irwin the Kangaroo.

Who is crazy, lives in Oklahoman and human? Irwin's mom. You can read the full story hear:

My first encounter with Irwin was when he was featured in the Daily Oklahoman. I had to cut his picture out of the paper and hang it at my desk. No matter how the day's going, this ridiculous kangaroo always makes me laugh.

Meet Irwin:

Um is anyone else laughing? Only in Oklahoma.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Don't even ask where I have been, but I think I am back. Here's a try at a blog post. "A TRY," I said.

Something happened this past weekend. I was duped by a sales person. I normally do not listen to sales people when they try to sale me stuff, because I know they are only trying to make a buck and do not know what I need to be wearing.

Here's how this all went down- I went back to my Native Land this past weekend. Since moving back to OK, I have lost all fashion sense. Instead of being inspired by top designer's store windows and the best dressed women of Dallas, I now have Target, Gap and JCrew to get my inspiration from. The streets of Oklahoma are filled with OU, OSU and Thunder t-shirts. The only fashion inspiration I receive is from magazines and the internet. Gone are the days of walking around Northpark feeling renewed and inspired.

I was trying on clothes and lost all confidence on whether or not something looked good- it got so bad, I let 2 sales people in my dressing room. They told me that the items of clothing I was trying on were flying off the shelf and they couldn't keep them in stock. SOLD. I bought everything I had on, because I believed the idiots when they told me that the items were flying off the shelf.

After I left the mall, I started having a little bit of buyer's remorse and was talking to our friend Linny about what the sales people said. Having worked retail before, she bluntly told me that she once sold 6 "pea green jackets" in a day, because she used that same line. "We can't keep these in stock; everyone loves them." I was had at the mall on Saturday. However, I am happy I made my choices, but I am going to have to come to my senses and regain my shopping confidence.

I would like to recommend a new jean brand to all the ladies in the house. Well, it's probably not new, but new to me. And yes, the sales person talked me into them, too. Who have I become? DL 1961. It has some sort of 4-way stretch that helps them not to stretch out in all of the wrong places- like the butt and knees etc. I have had them on since 7:30 and still fit just like they did this morning. I am loving it. However, today, I could use the waistline stretching just an inch or too.

So it was another successful weekend, and I will continue to search for my fashion sense.

Is it strange, the theme song that was going on in my head all weekend was Madonna's "This Used to be My Playground?" Sicks me out too! I kept this one on the DL.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ken and Yoko

Things are going pretty well for me these days.  The sun is shining, Paul is biting me less, and I have gotten a lot of sleep lately, which is always nice.  Last week I finally got to see Ken Jennings play on Jeopardy!.  And, on Friday night, YOKO ONO decided to follow me on Twitter. 

I signed up for Twitter on Thursday evening after a few glasses of red wine (don't let the name of the blog fool you, we drink all kinds) at Cosmo's in celebration of Bunny's birthday.  The first person I decided to follow, Ken Jennings, duh.  After my love affair with Watson began last Monday, it was only fitting that I chose my favorite human Jeopardy! contestant of all time.  Right?  Watson blew me away last week.  I could go on and on about him, but you have probably heard enough.  Even though he can answer almost anything, and will probably revolutionize the organization of the massive amounts of information that we humans put out into the world every day, I still think Ken is even more impressive.  Ken Jennings is the poster child for cool nerds.  He is funny, clearly super smart, and not a jerk about it at all.  Considering I fancy myself to fall into that category (hello wizard obsession), I just love watching him play.  He makes me giddy.  Regretfully, I missed his winning streak back in 2004 because I was studying abroad.  So, last week was an extra special treat. 

After Ken, I picked Yoko.  She was talking about peace and love, and you know, I decided to give it a chance.  I love John Lennon with all my heart.  And, although it is contrary to how most people feel, I also love Yoko.  I don't think she was bad for him; I don't think he ever could have been quite that kind of a match with anyone else.  She is an inspiring woman.  About twelve hours after I started following her, she asked if she could follow me.  I understand this is probably just some bonus for choosing her second on Twitter, but I don't care.  I love her even more now!!

So thanks to Ken and Yoko for making last week so great for me.  With a trip to Chicago planned for this weekend, I imagine this one will be pretty spectacular as well.  I hope all of you are fighting off your case of the Mondays with gusto by remembering the small things that make life so fun. 

I'm in a great mood today,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Where have you been? No, it's not where have I been. Where have you been? So my resolution to eat less, blog more is not really working out, but I have decided to give it another whirl. A lot of stuff has been going on, and I have not had time to blog. I will catch you up on the last couple of months.

Twas New Year's Day, and I arrived back to my parents house (roomies!) from a wonderful weekend in Austin. My mom said that her and my dad found the cutest house in the city and we should go drive by. I was in the car before she could finish her sentence. It's safe to say I fell in love at first sight. We went to look at the house a week later, and when we left, I said, "I am going to live there. I don't care if you don't like it." (My roomie went to the showing with me.)

A week later, I thought it wasn't going to happen, as the house was built in the 50's, and I was unsure if the electric was up to par. We called an electrician to go take a look, and the housing got a passing grade. And here I am now. I made an offer on the house January 23rd, we went back in forth a few times and the owner accepted the offer January 24th.

It all happened so fast, but I am going to be a homeowner next Friday, February 25th. I reference this way too much, but it's a definite Jessie Spano moment for me. "I am so excited, I am so excited, I am so scared!"

I am excited to get out on myown again. I am excited about owning my first house. I am excited about getting my social life back and getting a Shih-Tzu, named Muffy Le. But I can't deny I am a little nervous about buying groceries again, doing my own laundry and keeping up a house. It's been real living at home again.

All I can think about is getting the keys and popping a bottle of champagne.

For the past month, my weekends have been spent planning the decor of the house. Heck, I started planning the night I drove by the house! To make this post a little relevant, I will show you one of my favorite things I have purchased so far. I found this amazing coffee table at Wisteria. It was a little out of my price range, but I found it's mini me at World Market.

Introducing my new coffee table on wheels! It's about $600 at Wisteria, and you can get a copy of it at World Market for $200. I have a black belt in bargain hunting. I am concerned that a night of wine might turn into me getting on the coffee table and getting wheeled around the house. Might even wear the Today Show gown.

Feels good to be back and let you know what I have been up to! Just buying a first home.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Starry Day

We are celebrating yet another WWandGS birthday today.  That's right dear readers, today marks the 28th anniversary of the birth of Starla/Rhonda Le.  Please take a moment today to reach out to her via Facebook, text message, phone, mail, email, or just drop by her house, and wish her a very very happy birthday!  Without our dear Rhonda all of our parties would have less flair, our lives would have less laughter, and our bar tabs would include far fewer appletinis.  I believe I speak for everyone who knows and loves you when I say this, Rhonnie, you are one of a kind!  I love you and I wish you the happiest of birthdays that the world has ever known!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Paul Peanut Potter Smith

On this day, two years ago (or 14 depending on who you are talking to), Paul Peanut Potter Smith, nee Peanut, was born in Tennessee.  He graced Dallas with his presence in late January of last year, courtesy of his Aunt Ashley Smith.  He is a stay at home dog, living off of his mom, but he doesn't let that get him down since there are very few positions open for canines in this economy and the entertainment industry in Dallas is dwindling.  I often tell him that if we lived in LA, he'd  have to contribute to the mortgage, but I let it slide since I know how much he enjoys just laying around all day and barking at nothing.  I asked him to give me a brief synopsis of things that he has grown to like and dislike over his past two years in existence.  He wasn't very amenable to this at first, since English is his second language he was worried that he would get some of the words wrong, but with my help he came up with the following:

Likes: CHEESE (Queso), CHICKEN, Rawhide, Cuddling, SLEEPING, Obama, Holiday Themed Toys, The Uptown Dog Lofts, My Friend Pepper, My "Aunts" (especially LIZ), Running, Wizards of Waverly Place, Paul McCartney, OU Sooners, Showing my Teeth, BEING STINKY, and Licking ANYTHING.

Dislikes: SWEATERS, Lady Gaga, Food without Cheese, People Touching Me, Making New Friends, Rain, Snow, Cold Weather, Following the Rules (sometimes), UNCLE JOHN, Lord Voldemort, Mac Brown, Dentists, Being Quiet, My Nickname "Pepito," and Lettuce.

 Sometimes I am really sweet.
 Sometimes I am not so sweet.
 Sometimes I am really funny.
 Sometimes I pass out.
And, I always do what I want.

Happy birthday PPPS, you are a very special little nugget,

Love SES

Friday, January 7, 2011

28 Years Ago Today, A Wizzard Was Born.

I know, I know... where have I been? Never fear, White Wine & Glow Sticks will be making a full comeback, and it's going to be better than ever in 2011.

I haven't had much to say... I mean, Snookie woke up in a trash can and thinks a good night is when she doesn't black out. Normal. Montel Williams was arrested at the airport for pot... Southwest Airlines changed their points system... See? I am speechless these days.


Our favorite attorney, friend, wizzard, bookworm and "know it all" is a year older today. Without further ado, I would like to turn your attention to the one and only SARAH SMITH. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!

Hope year #28 is the best year yet. Use your birthday magic powers wisely tonight and try to make it home at a decent hour. Nothing normal happens after 2am. Plus, you need to work on your "late night recipes." We will need to go to press with the book soon!

And folks, W.W.A.G.S. is coming to a cubicle near you with glowing reading material soon. Until then, drink lots of wine.
P.S. If you see this attorney on the streets tonight, buy her a drink! Happy Birthday! Love you S.E.S., J.D.