Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Irwin the Roo.

Who is red, born in Oklahoma, going through a legal battle, has his own Facebook page and can hop?

Irwin the Kangaroo.

Who is crazy, lives in Oklahoman and human? Irwin's mom. You can read the full story hear:

My first encounter with Irwin was when he was featured in the Daily Oklahoman. I had to cut his picture out of the paper and hang it at my desk. No matter how the day's going, this ridiculous kangaroo always makes me laugh.

Meet Irwin:

Um is anyone else laughing? Only in Oklahoma.


  1. I feel sorry for the kroo. I mean what if he just wants out to head on over to Outback or maybe he wants to hop on over to his homeland....hello matey!

  2. White wine and glow sticks? Odd name for a blog!

    David Mannheim
    Manager at UK GLOW