Monday, October 11, 2010

Who's Space? MY SPACE.

Myspace, a place for friends....4 years ago. Last evening, I finally decided to delete my Myspace account. I never knew how difficult this process would be. To delete one's account, you have to confirm that you really want to take this action 2-3 times on the website, then you receive another email confirming that you really want to delete the account. Finally after confirming about 4 times, that yes, I am done with myspace, I got an email saying that my account would forever be gone in 24 - 48 hours.

It is ironic to me that the day after I give up myspace for good, they launch a new logo:

I sure hope myspace doesn't make a comeback. After logging on to my mypsace account and having not updated the information since 2006, I wondered how much had changed. To my surprise, not much. Still in love with the Today show, check. Still want to meet the Roloff's, check. (Little People Big World) Still like to "always look on the bright side of life," double check. Still wanted to own a bakery....well...... not so much. Ever since I lost my work's bake-off, I haven't been too confident in my baking skills. (this is a work in progress; move over martha stewart)

But how about the profile song? What would my profile song be today, if I still had my account? Well, that my friends, would depend on the day....However, this thought brought me back to a happy place. The days of pimping out my myspace background and adding music to my profile. And then there would be those days where the song wouldn't load...what a pity.

I have no idea where this post is going. All I know is, I no longer have a Myspace account. Goodbye Myspace, hello dignity, good to see you again.....and if I had to choose a theme song for today it would have to be the Cure's Friday song:

I don't care if Monday's blue Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too Thursday I don't care about you It's Friday, I'm in love.

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