Friday, January 14, 2011

Paul Peanut Potter Smith

On this day, two years ago (or 14 depending on who you are talking to), Paul Peanut Potter Smith, nee Peanut, was born in Tennessee.  He graced Dallas with his presence in late January of last year, courtesy of his Aunt Ashley Smith.  He is a stay at home dog, living off of his mom, but he doesn't let that get him down since there are very few positions open for canines in this economy and the entertainment industry in Dallas is dwindling.  I often tell him that if we lived in LA, he'd  have to contribute to the mortgage, but I let it slide since I know how much he enjoys just laying around all day and barking at nothing.  I asked him to give me a brief synopsis of things that he has grown to like and dislike over his past two years in existence.  He wasn't very amenable to this at first, since English is his second language he was worried that he would get some of the words wrong, but with my help he came up with the following:

Likes: CHEESE (Queso), CHICKEN, Rawhide, Cuddling, SLEEPING, Obama, Holiday Themed Toys, The Uptown Dog Lofts, My Friend Pepper, My "Aunts" (especially LIZ), Running, Wizards of Waverly Place, Paul McCartney, OU Sooners, Showing my Teeth, BEING STINKY, and Licking ANYTHING.

Dislikes: SWEATERS, Lady Gaga, Food without Cheese, People Touching Me, Making New Friends, Rain, Snow, Cold Weather, Following the Rules (sometimes), UNCLE JOHN, Lord Voldemort, Mac Brown, Dentists, Being Quiet, My Nickname "Pepito," and Lettuce.

 Sometimes I am really sweet.
 Sometimes I am not so sweet.
 Sometimes I am really funny.
 Sometimes I pass out.
And, I always do what I want.

Happy birthday PPPS, you are a very special little nugget,

Love SES


  1. Happy Birthday Paul Peanut Potter Smith!!! Love, Chloe Lane Vaughn White and Harold Eugene White

  2. Why does Paul not like dentists? Maybe I dislike Chihuahua's.