Thursday, August 12, 2010


You may not know this, but your favorite WWandGS contributors have other things in common besides just our love of white wine and glow sticks, we also love books, mystic tan, pizza, Mystic Pizza, Kevin McCallister, Tony Danza, and SOUVENIRS. Last night, WWandGS attended our annual professional sporting event, a tradition we began in 2009. Basically, it goes like this, Rhonda and Sarah attend some kind of game together and buy a bunch of crap. Last year, we went to a Cubs game, tickets courtesy of Rhonda. At the game we both had hot dogs and lots of beer. After the game, we stopped at not one, but two souvenir shops to make some purchases. We bought koozies, hats, and about four t-shirts each. I believe I even bought a shot glass. We had to lug all of our loot around Chicago for the rest of the afternoon. We also bought a t-shirt for Mary Green at a bar that loved basset hounds. Let's just say, WWandGS had some heavy suitcases on the way home. Sidenote: my suitcase was also loaded down with a mug, bookmark, magnet, round wire-frame glasses, and chocolate frogs from the Harry Potter Exhibition.

Last night, Rhonda and I went to the Cowboys game, again tickets courtesy of La Rhon. We had to plan out every move each quarter to make sure we saw the Taco Bueno LED. We did, and I think I made ol Rhonnie blush when I yelled out "RHONDA THERE IT IS" in front of a lot of more serious Cowboys fans. We had so much fun, despite the fact that my mood was a little foul for a short period of time. I was really expecting that last night would be a bigger souvenir fest than it was. But, all we came home with was three t-shirts, one expanda banner, and one very full belly (mine). Not to mention, some great memories and a program :)

I think we have decided to keep up our annual professional sporting event tradition. Souvenir shops really depend on people like us to buy all of the useless crap that no one else wants. Just so you aren't confused, we buy souvenirs at other events as well. I think it would be fun to get a picture of Rhonnie wearing each of her Today Show or Elton John t-shirts. As for myself, I wish I could type out the list for you of everything I bought when I was in China, but I think my mom might kill me if she sees it. Let's just say, I had to buy an extra suitcase while there just to get all of my magnets home. This, however, is not nearly as bad as my trip to Scotland in 2006. I bought a hand-carved LOTR chess set for my brother, a cashmere vest, and more shot glasses than they keep at the Loon.

The literal translation of souvenir, which is a French word, is "to remember." The bottom line is I think we here at WWandGS are all about making memories, and remembering them well. This is why we buy all of this crap and write about all that we do for you all to read. We think we do such amazing things that we need little tokens to take with us for the rest of our lives. Whether we wear them, use them, pack them away in boxes, or give them away as gifts, nothing quite beats those overpriced items from the souvenir shop. We just really like to remember :)

If you are wondering what my souvenir of choice's magnets.

Opposites attract,


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