Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home Ownership

Is not easy. Especially when you are alone in it, with only a 6.8 lb chihuahua residing with you, who, by the way, wakes you up every morning at 3:00 am so that he can jump down from the bed and pee on your new carpet. Yes, we have some issues we need to work through, but that is the topic for another post.

On Monday, I was dressed, ready for work, and had little Paul packed away in his kitchen at 8:50 am. I had a doctor's appointment at 9:00 am that had been rescheduled four times this summer due to meetings. I went down to my garage and tried to open the door. It went up, but stopped halfway. I tried again, same result. Then, I did what any single girl would do, I called my dad. His advice: try to open it manually. I unlatched whatever it is you have to unlatch in order to do so, and I tried to open it manually. The bitch still stopped halfway. Very frustrated, and VERY HOT, I called Frank back and told him that I give up, I'm calling the garage door repairman. Three hours later, said repairman arrived at my doorstep. I walked him down to the garage and explained my despair. He flipped one latch over on the side of the damn door and fixed the problem. I think I muttered several expletives under my breath and fought every urge not to pull out my hair. Luckily, his trip was not completely pointless. I did need a new spring and new rollers. He readily replaced these, upsell successful! I returned to my living room and watched another episode of Who's the Boss while I worked on my laptop and took care of business, all the while thinking, I am an idiot. Garage fixed, I headed to work at 1:30 pm. What a Monday.

Tuesday brought on a new set of problems. I am refinishing my bathtub, so naturally, I asked a refinisher to come out and give me an estimate. He did. He also checked some minor plumbing issues I've been having with the tub, i.e. a leak coming out of that weird round thing that doesn't serve a purpose, or at least not an obvious one that I care about. Oh, this is different, he exclaims, as he digs around with the screwdriver. Shit, I think. You definitely need to call a plumber, this probably isn't an issue, but you need to get it checked out. Awesome. The plumber comes on Friday. Let's hope I don't discover a termite infestation in the meantime.

Welcome to being a grown up on your own up,


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