Thursday, August 19, 2010


It started in April, a little earlier this year than last. It really is just a slight hankering at that point. Something that I just can't shake. It grew a little bit more over the summer as the buzz heated up. Oddly, the World Cup caused it to spike. I love team spirit. Still, no adequate satisfaction could be found. July was a little less painful, because I had other things to think about, but it's August now, August 19, to be exact, and I have got it, BAD. Is it the heat or just the close proximity to the best part of any Sooner fan's life? It has dominated my weekend plans for the next three months, my email chains, my desktop wall paper, my internet shopping, my blog posting, and my daydreaming mind that just can't quite focus like it used to because, friends, it is only 16 days until Sooner football begins and my favorite time of year arrives. The fall is coming. Get me to Norman as fast as you can.

See you in a couple weeks, Bobby.



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  1. Well isn't this a fun OUish background! Boomer Sooner WWAGS.