Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am going to go Slater one day....

Gone are the days I want to go “Jerry Maguire” on everyone at work and take my fish and leave. (I don’t own a fish, but there is one down the hall that could be up for a fish napping.) I now day dream of going “Steven Slater.” He took Jerry’s infamous work exit to a whole new level.

If you haven’t heard the story already, Jet Blue flight attendant, Steven Slater, went a little crazy last night on a flight. A passenger leaped out of his seat before the plane had reached the gate, and Slater told him to sit down. When the passenger refused to listen and go for his bag anyway, the bag hit Slater on the head. (ouch)

A pissed off Steven Slater had one hit too many and took the matter in his own hands, using the public address system to belittle the man and tell him what he thought. Profanity included. (And I thought the Southwest rapper flight attendant was amazing.)

If that wasn’t enough, he proceeded to open up the exit door, suspend the emergency slide, grab 2 beers, and slide on down.

His parting words before sliding down with his brews? “It’s been a good 28 years. I’ve had it. That’s it.” Word has it, he left with a huge smile on his face.

Talk about “making an exit.” I foresee “Steven Slater” being a part of my work vocabulary for many years to come. To not only slide on out of the plane, but to grab 2 beers for the road.

So when work gets a little rough- just day dream about your work exit… Telling everyone what you really think and what you would take with you.

I would definitely have a word with all of the office whistlers.

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