Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Da Vest

What is a sleeveless garment, often having buttons down the front, worn usually over a shirt or blouse? The answer is, a “vest.”

I love vests. You would think I was a hunter, I wear so many vests. I was driving to work today, in my vest, and I started thinking about my obsession with the vest. I feela little manly loving vests so much, but I have to remind myself that the vest is no longer just a part of the 3-piece suit. (Can I say the word vest one more time? I am on my OWN nerves right now.)

If you are still reading, I promise to limit my “vest” term usage from here on out…if possible. Here are some vest trends I am loving.

The Fur Vest. I DIE:

Rachel Zoe made a name for the faux-fur vest while keeping PETA happy the entire time. Her faux fur vests sell for under $100 on the QVC website/network.

The Puffer Vest. Another favorite of mine. Let’s say you had a few too many and some late night food the night before? Put on a puffer. Not only will you hide your bloat,you will still look stylish and you most definitely will be comfy. Oh dear, now everyone knows my “puffer wearing” secret. Next time you see me in a puffer, please don’t automatically assume I ate/drank too much:

The $425 Moncler Puffer. Most recently, Sarah Jessica Parker was seen cruising the streets of Manhattan with this on. My body needs this:

Gold Puffer, by GAP

The coolest vest. My favorite, and on my body today:

Isn’t this the best?

Ron Burgundy can have lamp, because I LOVE VEST. Hope your holidays are full of cheer and maybe a new vest or two.

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