Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pretty Paws

Do painted nails make you happy? ME TOO... BUT are you sick and tired of your nail polish chipping 3 days after your manicure? ME TOO. It wasn't hard to talk me into paying 15 more dollars for my manicure to have the "Shellac" process. What is this process you ask? I am going to tell you.

"Shellac" is a soak-off hybrid between a gel and polish. Soak off gels look just like polish but last longer, in part by being cured onto the nail with an ultraviolet lamp. The gel must be applied and removed by a professional. The nail tech paints on a base coat, 2 color coats and top coat- after each coat, your nails are set under a UV light. Not only do you leave with impeccably dry nails, you leave feeling secure knowing you'll have great looking nails for days to come.

A noted downfall- Removal takes longer. Acetone should do the trick, but a nail tech may need to scrape the crumbs of gel off. (I actually haven't gone through the removal process, but I hear it's easier than they say.)

It only took 5 years to make the product, but now women everywhere can go to the nail salon and leave knowing they will not have to pay to have their nails repainted for the following weekend. I have had my "Shellac" on for almost 2 weeks and it still has not chipped. (see above image) However, I do have some complaints:

1. You can clearly see the nail growth at the top of my nail bed... but hey, 2 weeks of red nails with no touch up? I'll take that any day!

2. As much as I love having red nails, I am really getting sick of it- but I refuse to remove it, because I want to se how long it will last... I almost feel like I am testing the McDonald's french fry.

3. My particular nail salon only offers 10 colors. All generic colors.

Give your paws a treat next time you get a manicure

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