Wednesday, November 17, 2010


As a little Sarah, I didn't know much about the topic of insurance. I knew that when people asked what my dad did for a living, I was told to say "insurance." And that when my mom took me to the doctor they always asked for our "insurance." Well, over these past few weeks I have grown to love my insurance more than I ever thought I would. I have three types right now: home, health, and auto. My health is just fine, thankfully, because those problems are real problems, not "it's funny to blog about them" problems. The home and the auto, however, are not fine, and are very happy to be insured right now.

The home is suffering from a damaged bathroom sub floor. The source of this damage was a leaking AC that was fixed in early October, but left a lovely little reminder known as: water damage. The story goes like this: I decided to get new tile. I went to Home Depot, and picked out new tile. Then I scheduled it to be installed. A plumber came out and unhooked my toilet. He put the toilet in my bath tub and planned to come back the next day to take it out. The tile guys arrived. They tore out my old tile. They found a very large section of rotted sub floor. They couldn't put in the tile. The toilet remained in the tub. Two contractors, one plumber, and one insurance adjuster later...I am now scheduling to have my tub removed, my sub floor replaced, my entire tub surround replaced, new baseboard put in, and, you guessed it, new tile. Hopefully, this will all be done by Turkey Day. Most likely, it will not be done till Christmas. Just kidding, but not really, I'm a pessimist. What have I learned from this? The showers at lifetime fitness aren't that bad. And, I really love my home insurance.

The auto has only been suffering since this morning when it was side-swiped by a lady who decided to turn left from the center lane, across the left lane that I was driving in. She didn't care to look to see if there was oncoming traffic that would interfere with her illegal turn, and I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of her carelessness. Poor Glenn (my 05 Jetta), is now black on the passenger side (he is white everywhere else), and very embarrassed to go out in public. What have I learned from this mishap? That when my dad says, and I quote, "SUCK IT UP, it could be a lot worse," he means it (and he knows insurance). And, I really love that the woman who hit me has auto insurance.

So, everyone, be thankful for your health, your happiness, AND your insurance this week. You bet your ass I'll list that as one of my "I'm thankful for's" at one of my three Thanksgiving dinners next week.
I'm protected,

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