Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Monsters

I love theme parties. I was packing my apartment up this past weekend and taking my clothes down to my car. In one stack of clothes I had a Santa Clause outfit and a 70’s Disco one piece. My instant reaction was not, “I feel a little strange about this,” it was, “I need a theme party in my life, right now.”

To my luck, Halloween is right around the corner. While I will be out of town for the actual Halloween celebration, I am hoping to get some dress up time for the annual “Wig Out” party. (Watch out Oklahoma. The tradition is coming to a city near you.) This is a time to put on your best wig and carve pumpkins and just wig out.

Below is a picture of our 2007 Wig Out Winner! Recognize her? Me neither.

The purpose of this post is to talk about 2010 Halloween Costume Trends. What will people be wearing at your costume party… or Ghostland Observatory show?

Top Trends, according to Party City:
1. Lady Gaga – I could have told you that one. Nobody better show up with fresh meat.

2. Vampires – again, duh. When did America become so obsessed with vampires? Stupid Edward Cullen.

3. 1980s…say what?

4. Jersey Shore Cast Members – go Snooks

5. Roman and Greek Inspired Costumes

6. Movie Inspired – think iron man 2, toy story 3, avatar and Alice and wonderland.

7. Immigration Costumes – probably politically incorrect, but there are some real jokesters out there. Think border guard costumes.

8. Celebrity Scandals – Think Paris Hilton “and her friend’s purse”

I missed Halloween last year, due to a 4-week prior bender of weekends. I had to put my life on hold for a weekend to relax, and that weekend just so happened to fall on Halloween.

Due to missing my favorite holiday, I began thinking of costume ideas November 1st, 2009. Here are some great ideas: be one of those fruit ladies- get a basket of fruit and put on your head. Or… be a red hat lady. Wear all that purple and red glitter jazz and get a group of girlfriends… or be a McDonald Character. I have always wanted to be one. (but not Ronald)

One of my worst Halloween costumes: I was going to be a “fat tourist.” You know that one piece that is khaki shorts and a Hawai top with a hula hoop in the middle? It was terrible. I had to return it… to only get a store credit. …. Oh and that year I was a German beer girl. Costume gone all wrong. BIG SIGH……

Word to the wise: don't go for the "sexy." Original outfits are best. And you can never go wrong with a "humor" costume.

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    One year Benson's ex boyfriend was his Mom and he woke up the next morning and couldn't get home and she asked him why and he said "I lost my purse last night!". I'll never forget that story.

    I might be my Mom this year.