Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Times They are a Changin'

As was pointed out to me yesterday afternoon by my dear friend Neil Ferrari, as of late I have been merely a memory on the pages of WWandGS. I have no excuse other than no time, but I don't think I have been that sorely missed, as my co-blogger Rhonda continuously "blows me out of the water" with her posts. Nevertheless, I am back followers, and for a very important reason.

Today marks Rhonnie's last day at work in the Taco Bueno empire. And, as of next week, she will no longer be a Dallasite. That's right friends, she is heading to Oklahoma, where her heart has always truly belonged. This breaks the heart of this half of WWandGS, but warms it at the same time. I think the word you are all thinking of right now is, bittersweet. In March we said farewell to Maria Verde, and in September we will say farewell to Rhonnie C. She insists this is only a "see you bloody soon," but I insist that it just won't be the same here without her.

I moved to Dallas 5 years ago in August to go to SMU Dedman School of Law. Rhonnie joined me here one year after that. We weren't super close in college, but I was very excited to have her here because I knew that she was a wonderfully unique and kind individual. We quickly became close friends just living one floor apart from each other at the Post Meridian. And, I can say, that the past four years in Dallas would not have been nearly as amazingly zany as they were had Rhonda not been here roaming around. I wish I could recount all of the memories that we shared here together, but I don't think there is enough space or enough time to do so. I do, however, have enough space and time for one :)

Every Christmas Rhonda finds at least one occasion to wear her Mrs. Claus costume to one function or another. Two years ago, she wore it to a party that was attended by just about everyone we know. I think Rhonda Claus may have had one too many egg nogs before she made it out the door, but she made it, nonetheless, in full red and white gear with a bag of candy canes to hand out in tow. We made our way to Zephyrs and ordered a round of cocktails. The place was pretty empty still, but was slowly filling up with all of our friends. We started to move about the room, chatting and drinking along the way. About an hour after our arrival I noticed Rhonda dancing on the dance floor with a bunch of people none of us knew. Just Mrs. Claus and some elves. The next thing I knew, Rhonda hit the floor in full blown splits. What a show off. People were very impressed. Who knew Santa's wife was so flexible? I sure didn't. Rhonda then needed a little help getting off of the floor, so I gave her my hand and walked her over to the bar. It was at this time that she told me it was time for her to go home. I asked her to stay, she refused, and said this, "Sarah, I need to go, but please, someone has to hand these out for me." Rhonda then handed me a baggie of mini candy canes and impressed upon me the importance of distributing them to the patrons at Zephyr's. "I promise, Rhonda, I will hand them out, now let's get you in a cab." And, dear readers, I handed out every single candy cane for Mrs. Claus that night. I wanted to make sure that her memory persisted even though she had to leave. And, Rhonda, I make this promise to you on the eve of your departure from Dallas, I will always hand out your candy canes at Zephyr's, you don't even have to ask. There is no way Dallas is ever going to forget you.

I love you Rhonnie C. Good luck in OKC :)

See you bloody soon,



  1. Oh I'm so sad, seriously!! What would these past years been without my memories with Rhonda?? I'm just so thankful I got to be in Rhonda's world and become closer friends with her!! Okay, tearing up...I know we have more memories to make and I'm being silly! Just morning the end of the Rhonda Era in the big D!!

  2. It will be like I never moved home. I will be back more than you know...and it's not like I ever made an appearance during the work week. So, this is not goodbye, just "see you bloody soon."

    But really, this post made me tear up, then laugh really loud. So many good times in Dallas. My favorite memory- thinking it was okay to wear my Today Show gown into the Loon. What was I thinking?

    I am sad- I just went into the work break room and had quite a chocolate feast. SIGH.