Monday, September 13, 2010

Trip Advisor.

I would be breaking a W.W.A.G.S. rule if I did not give you a full recap of my last vacation. I have been busy, looking busy, and I have not had time to catch you up on my Labor Day Weekend trip to the great city of Chicago. Souvenirs were had, let me tell you.

We arrived in the Windy City on Friday morning. First on the to-do list: Shopping. We stayed on Michigan Avenue, so getting around to the stores was very easy. We lunched at Ralph Lauren Café- and I highly recommend this cute little place. It was the cutest/peppiest café, and it was quite tasty… but one Bellini led to two Bellini’s… which led to a broken glass and Bellini all over our table. (moms) Beware if you use their restroom. To use the restroom, you must go down an elevator which opens on both sides. I did not realize this, and all of a sudden someone came up behind me- I screamed to the top of my lungs. Thankfully, I could warn my traveling partner (mom) before she entered.

Friday was filled with more shopping and the John Hancock Signature Room. There’s nothing like $15 drinks and a view off the 96th floor. I am not even being sarcastic when I say, I think the high priced drinks are worth the view. Saturday evening was spent consuming more food at Giordano’s Pizza. After a few beers, and 4-inch thick pizza, I wobbled back to our hotel room.

Then came the dropping of temperatures. Whoever told me that I would be fine in summer clothes in a cardigan should have to pay my Gap bill. Wind picked up, and temperatures dropped. We had to invest in new, warmer clothes while we were there. Trying to be efficient, we purchased sweat shirts that were on sale… but the sweat shirts were the same…..

Saturday, we woke up, put on matching sweatshirts, and headed for the Architectural Boat Tour. Another one of those things that I think are a MUST DO. I learned so much on this 90 minute boat ride. This tour guide knew his stuff. It was cold, but it was worth it. And if you are thinking about going- you can drink on the boat. It was 9am, and I was cold, so I opted for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

After the boat tour- it was CHICAGO CUBS time. GO CUBS GO. My mom and I are not the biggest sport enthusiasts, but there’s nothing like a Cubs game. It’s just a staple when you go to Chicago. The stadium is so unique and such an experience. Hot dogs and beer led to souvenir shopping, one of my favorite pastimes.

Saturday afternoon was spent doing a little more shopping- by Saturday evening, we were both worn thin. We went to dinner at “Bandera,” which is owned by the group as “Houston’s.” It was much like Houston’s, so it was great comfort food.

Sunday, we woke up and hit the streets of Chicago once again- first on the to do list- go see the BEAN. I have always wanted to see the Bean, but when I finally saw it, I wasn’t as excited as I thought I would be. It was kind of one of those things- “my aunt went to Chicago but all I got was this lousy t-shirt” kind of moment. I went all the way to Chicago and I only took 2 pictures at the Bean. We did a little more sightseeing and headed on home.

It was a great weekend, and I was the ultimate tourist- I had my Chicago book in one hand, and my “to do” list on the other. I know I am leaving a ton of the weekend out, but I have had a big weekend since Chicago….and maybe, just maybe, lost a few brain cells.

Back to work.

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  1. I love matching sweatshirts...but you know what I don't love? People who wear sweatshirts without anything on underneath. What? SO WEIRD!
    Looks like a great trip!