Thursday, September 2, 2010


September 2, 2010, or 09.02.10. Today I can't help but think about Brandon, Brenda, Dylan, Kelly, Donna, David, Steve, and Andrea. I miss the 90s. I bet Kelly Taylor doesn't, she had a lot more problems then. Has anyone ever wondered how so many weird/bad things could happen to one person? Even in tv land she went through a lot. I always admired her though. She always bounced back. And, in the end, Kelly was the only one with a big part on the new CW version of 90210. I guess girls who have drug problems, stalkers from rehab, are assaulted in an alley, and even dabbled in a cult can turn out alright. In fact, she is a counselor at West Bev helping all of those super skinny kids with their problems. I bet she is really good at it too, you know, because she has been there done that. You know what this gives me? Hope. Here's to you original cast of 90210. New cast, you aren't as important...yet.

Happy 90210 day everyone!



  1. oh how i love the original 90210. always liked Kelly the best too. way more than Brenda. Kelly and Dylan had the special thing, not Brenda and Dylan. i also think Kelly was in a fire and raped. bless her heart.

  2. I was a total Brenda fan, and she's such a B. I even had the Brenda barbie doll. Jason Priestly and Ian stole my heart during my awkward teen years.

  3. AHHHHH!!! Rhon, you were a Brenda fan??!! And Brandon and WAY!! I mean, I was all about Dylan. Obviously, I go for the bad boy; hence, Roberto Scarff. hahaha. Donnie was my favorite New Kid on the Block, which I always think is weird. I bet you liked Joey or Danny.