Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools

Why is it so fun to play tricks on your friends? Every year on April 1, I am reminded of that as soon as I conduct my first google of the day or sign into gmail for the first time. Google, errr Topeka, makes me giggle on April Fools. I have this crazy dream that one day I could come up with a really awesome April Fools hoax that was so well-orchestrated it just sent everyone reeling. I love this "holiday" for some reason. I think part of that might be that every year on this day I play at least one prank on Jenny Hoge. This morning, I told her I rear-ended someone and was at the hospital because I hit my head so hard. She believed me. But, I felt bad, so it didn't last too long. I am SURE I will get her again today, it is too easy. Maybe I will pick out a tougher target...all of you, consider yourself warned!

Anyway, the point is, I hope all of you are successful in your pranking today. Read below for a few of the most successful April Fools hoaxes as listed by Wikipedia. I don't think any of you have the resources to try them, I sure don't...but man do I wish I did :)

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  1. Haaaaaa. Those are grand. Last year I told Robert that my boss wanted me to transfer to Toronto. it was so hard to pull off, he was so supportive and on board with our new international long distance relationship. this year, i'm trying to debate who i'm going to tell that i'm "pregnant". haha. maybe facebook.