Monday, April 12, 2010

Branching Out...

One thing I love about Dallas is the restaurants. I really feel like we have some amazing choices around here, I just never make the effort to enjoy them. This weekend, however, I went to two awesome restaurants and enjoyed two of my most favorite things in the world: lots and lots of white wine and seafood.

On Friday we (me, Ande, Liz, and Norton) took a trip across town to Bishop Arts for dinner with one of the locals (Adrienne) at Bolsa. I was very excited to try it because I have heard nothing but wonderful things, AND I was not disappointed AT ALL. Like I have said before, I am a huge fan of mussels (and muscles...actually not so much), and so when I saw them on the menu on Friday, I of course had to try them. So Adrienne and I ordered the mussels and the twig and branch flat bread (goat cheese and grapes) to share. I was more than happy with our decision. The mussels were pretty much drenched in butter, and absolutely amazing. Just how I like them :)

Ande made the amazing call of getting Bolsa's version of PB&J for dessert: a peanut butter cookie with ice cream and jelly...also quite pleasing.

All in all, Bolsa was amazing and I will be returning again and again.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of joining Kori and her mom at Stephan Pyles for dinner at the ceviche bar. I felt very spoiled this weekend with all of these great dinner plans. We had oysters, three types of ceviche (the lobster with mango was the best), traditos (holy Spanish Mackerel), and a few appetizers. My favorite was the foie gras, although not seafood, one of my own personal mottos is: never say no to foie gras. I was right once again! We had two amazing desserts as well. The best part was the Heaven and Hell cake that was about as big as my face and garnished with chocolate filled raspberries. All of this was paired with several glasses of white wine and several stories reminiscing about college. Don't worry, I didn't eat all of this on my own, we shared everything, and we had the best time! Needless to say, I also recommend the ceviche bar at Stephan Pyles.

On Sunday I did something I very rarely do. I ate grilled chicken. Streeby and Desha and Natalie made dinner and invited me and Paul over for some play time. I have to say, I was still very pleased with Desha's grilled chicken. It was free range, so I thought it would be okay for me to give in just the once. I'm glad that I did. Paul and Riley ran around like kids at recess the entire time we were there. Cute little cousins.

I feel like I might relax a little bit on the exciting dinner plans for the rest of the week. Tonight for dinner: leftover lo mein with tofu and vegetables from Pei Wei.

Finally, shout out to Phil on his big win this weekend. Remember when I followed you one year at the Colonial? I wish you followed my blog...

Peace, Love and Seafood,


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