Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three things on my mind today...

In order from least on my mind to most on my mind...

1. The Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs, playing the Lakers tonight in OKC. Seriously, as a kid growing up in a suburb of Mary's hometown, I never thought this scenario could ever happen. I will spare you another I love Oklahoma post, but I have to say our state capitol has come so far. Thanks Maps project, Thunder, and finally completed capitol dome.* Coming soon to your favorite city just off I-35 N: the training "grounds" for the US Olympic Crew team.
2. The Earth. Really, she is on my mind everyday. Especially today though since today is her day. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - to those of you who aren't doing this yet, START.

3. And, finally, Sam Bradford. Oh Sam, I have met you twice before and both times you were so sweet. Even that time when I saw you at Cretia's and said "I just have to tell you, Boomer Sooner." "That is what I like to hear," you replied. Or that time when I saw you at 747 and two of my unnamed friends made me ask to take a picture with you after the A&M game, and you said "no, I can't do that." To which I replied, "how is your shoulder." And, you responded, with a smile, "it is just fine." Well, Sam, in my eyes (and everyone else's), you are way more than "just fine." You are just about the biggest bad ass around today, and I am so happy for you. Boomer effing Sooner.

* For those of you who are not from our great state, the Oklahoma state capitol building was completed in 1919 with plans for a dome. This dome was not completed until 2001, until that time Oklahoma was one of two states in the nation with an un-domed capitol building.

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