Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dogs Barking at the Bar?

Feet are gross, but I am going to blog about them anyway.

From time to time, you wear high heels out to a bar, and your feet “start barking.” (meaning your shoes become intensely painful) You know you are in for trouble if your feet start hurting before you even leave the house.

Well, there is a solution. And, no it’s not Dr. Scholl’s foot pads…those things almost make it worse. I could barely fit my foot in the shoe once I put those in! They are called…drum roll please: Fold Up Ballet Flats

The ballet flats fold up so small that you can fit them into your handbag before you head out for an evening of boogying down. When 2:00 am hits (or 11pm in my case), you can slip your heels off and slip into the flats. This is such a great alternative to the “bare feet method," where there is no telling what you might step into.

Prices start at $18.95.

They even have sequin ones!

Can you tell I don't have much to talk about today? Happy almost Friday.


  1. are the only person I have ever seen subscribe to the bare foot method at a bar. I think it is my duty to inform you that the "bare foot method" is not a normally considered option.

  2. Ande, don't worry, I ended up barefoot at every date party in college. Cox told me one night I was dancing in broken glass barefoot. Anyway, Neil, she's not the only girl out there that's done the barefoot method, she's just the one that you've seen!

  3. I have done the barefoot method many many times. I even walked a mile barefoot at 3am in Nice, France back in the day. Neil, you should try wearing heels one night. You would be barefoot by 10pm.