Friday, April 16, 2010

Who let the dogs out?

In honor of my first born daughter, Lucy Le, this post is going to be all about dogs. Lucy Le turned 5 this week, or you could say 35 if we want to talk human years. She does not look a day older than a 6 month old puppy. (That's her below.)

Since most of you have dogs (if there is anyone reading this), this might be of interest to you:


Shit happens. But for those times when it’s not solid (vomit), there’s poop-freeze which turns the liquid waste into a solid. This makes for an easy pick up on the Katy Trail. $11 at


Just because the cute little dog birthday cake says humans can eat it too, don’t try it. I repeat, do not try it. I almost gagged last weekend after trying Lucy’s birthday cookie. I still think the store worker might have been punking me saying that humans could eat them too. There are just some things you do not share with your pooch- food being one of them.


We all think our dog is perfect, but let’s get real, sometimes they smell like…well, dog. Share the love with your dog, and give them some pawfume. $12 at


I think the MacKenzie Childs dog bowls would make any dog happy, and they keep your home looking good too. (Not to mention, they match Lucy Le) They come in 3 sizes, ranging from $22 - $38 per bowl.

Ruff-Ruff. Have a hell of a weekend!


  1. Ande, Lucy Le is so adorable. I too have a shih tzu; his name is Sampson and he wants to be Lucy's boyfriend. He is only 2 years old so he will have to be a younger man. Also Lucy Le will have to be content with hand-holding because Sampson is neutered.

  2. We are in business, becuase Lucy is spayed, and she's a total COUGAR! If only she lived in Texas. I had to pawn her off on my parents. But they could definitely iChat....