Monday, May 17, 2010

Manic Monday.

I tend to do drastic, weird things on Mondays. I am usually having an anxiety hangover from the weekend- whether I drank too much and did something weird or I am just plain tired, Monday tends to be my odd/dramatic decision making day.

I have been known to book a flight home for the weekend where there's a huge event I am looking forward to and regret it later. I have also been kwown to decide to go to Weight Watchers meetings that are full of 40 plus year olds that really don't understand counting calories and waste countless amount of money to listen to some yahoo tell me things I already know.

Well, this Monday is no different. I have been reading "The Happiness Project" for about 5 months now. I raved about how good it was when I started it...yet I have never finished the book. (It's a normal sized book. 300 pages.) I came across a section I really liked last night, and being that it was almost Monday, I decided to do it.

I am now playing the "Glad Game." It's where find something to be glad about in every situation and stop complaining. The author got the idea from the best-selling novel of 1913, "Pollyanna," by Eleanor H. Porter. To be honest, I failed about the minute I got out of bed, because I was thinking how annoying work was, how I didn't want to fill the empty kleenex box and then was thinking terrible thoughts about my morning commute.

I think I am back on my game though. I challenge others to play it, because it really makes you aware and feel silly about all the things you might complain about in a day. I just googled "Pollyanna," and was surpised to see that "Pollyanna" is actually a term used to describe someone who seems to always be able to find something to be glad about in any situation. It goes back to having your arms and legs!

And to bring truth to my whole "Monday Craziness," I woke up and decided I need to go back to school and be a labor and delivery nurse...2 hours later, I changed my profession to a teacher. You may be thinking, "she's bi-polar." I am thinking the same thing.

Please only refer to me as Pollyanna this week. I will not answer to Rhonda.

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  1. omg omg. Pollyanna. You know it's a movie too??! I had it when I was little on VHS and watched it all the time!! PLEASE GET's a life changer!!

    Also, you're not bi-polar, I do the same thing every Monday-Friday :)