Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let’s here it for New York.

The streets will make you feel brand new, and the lights will inspire you. I wish Dallas did this for me. LBJ Freeway by day and Downtown by night- nothing is making me feel brand new and the green lit buildings downtown are not inspiring me. This is why we go on vacation.

This past weekend my mother and I vacationed to NYC. Since nobody wants to read something about ME, ME, ME- I will give you the short version of my mini-vacation.

Arrive to NYC and head to our favorite lunch place, Serendipity. Once again, their Broadway Sundae made the trip to NYC worth it. That damn sundae is to kill for. No, I don’t mess around with the Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Got my “chocolate” inhaler from Dylan’s Candy Bar. I have yet to use it. Mostly because I have had so much to eat the past 4 days I don’t want to mess around with air…but also because I am afraid it might be disgusting and ruin my hopes of finding a calorie free chocolate fix. (The past couple of weeks I have decided I must have chocolate to go. Much like a car must have gasoline. I think I might need to be hypnotized to forget this theory.)

We shopped till we dropped into Dos Caminos for dinner. All I have to say is: WHITE SANGRIA. It is to die for. My heaven: Serendipity Sundaes and White Sangria. All you need is love? No, all you need is white sangria and chocolate. (maybe a dash of love) This is also the place where my mother called me a teetotaler, (A person who sustains from drinking alcohol) because she was out drinking me. Moms!

Saw a man drop his drawers and pee on the side of the road. I am still a little stirred up by this.

Headed to the lower west side area for a day of fun. We brunched at the Standard Grill, which was phenomenal, and their attention to detail was impeccable.

Visited the new “Highline,” which is basically an elevated park trail. Again, the attention to design and detail on this pathway was awesome. If I lived in NYC, I would want to frequent this little gem, a lot!

After stealing Mary’s friends NYC weekend agenda, I got the idea to go to the Chelsea Market. Again, another site to see. It was like a grown up Eatzis. Fresh food, a bakery even an Anthropologie. So happy we went there.

Found the Peanut Butter Co. The older I get, the more I LOVE peanut butter. I was convinced they would have the best peanut butter cookies in the world, but they were just average. Very happy I stopped by this place. I felt like me and the people in their had something in common – a love for the good stuff. (peanut butter)

Saturday evening landed us at a Broadway Show. Promises, Promises was the name. Kristen Chenoweth and Sean Hayes both have leading roles in this new musical. It was FANTASTIC. Another must-see in my book. This new Broadway play is based off of the old movie, “The Apartment.” If you have not seen the Apartment, buy it on Amazon. Worth the $13. This was one of my favorite shows- and they let you drink in the theatre. I have never been to a show where you could bring your drink to your seat. They had adult-sized “sippy cups.” They were perfect for sipping wine.

Left the Braodway show and had dinner at Toaloache. Another great Mexican place. On the way home to our hotel, we had to walk through Times Square. Thank the Lord for Sangria and Wine. This was the night of the “bombing attempt.” The crazy thing was, nobody was really that shooken up. Tourists were just standing around watching, behind the roped off area. Due to the “juice,” my mother and I didn’t think much about it and stumbled the 6 blocks down to our hotel. My sister called scared to death and we realized what was going on, was a big deal. This incident left me with an uneasy feeling the remainder of the weekend.

Fantastic lunch at the Central Park Boathouse. This is one of my favorite spots in NYC.

Dinner: hope everyone is in their desk chairs. We went to Hard Rock Café. For those that know me well, this will not surprise you. I love hard rock café. It reminds me of my youth. We were exhausted and wanted comfort food. I have to say, HRC did the trick!

Monday (or should I say best day of my life?):
TODAY SHOW. Enough said. Had my 3 seconds of fame waving like a mad woman behind Al Roker. Unfortunately yesterday morning, it was pouring down rain. I am not talking a sprinkle, I am talking a monsoon. My mother and I woke up early to go see my Today show family. We go downstairs and realize how bad it was raining. She decides to stay back, and I bundle up in my rain coat. Due to the weather, I got front row seats, right next to Lenny. After my TV debut, I started feeling a little silly being alone at the Today show and walked back to the hotel. I was a mascara mess.

Got to get back to work now, but all in all, it was a GREAT weekend! Our flight yesterday was a little drawn out though- got on the plane at 1:30pm, got into Dallas at 8:15. I was not a happy camper.

And last but not least, I would like to give a shot out to Steve Jobs. Without my iphone, I would not have been able to navigate so well around that city. Raise the roof Steve.

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