Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Happiness Project.

I shouldn't care what people think, but hey, I am human, and it happens. I frequently mention "The Happiness Project."

When I do, I sometimes get the feeling that people think I am "not happy," or I only read "Self Help" books. (Just because I read "Kell's Hell" and it's in the self help... oh and "It's Called a Breakup Because it's Over," which I highly recommend if you ever find yourself going through a breakup. Swallow your pride and buy it...who cares if the Barnes and Noble worker pities you.)

The truth is, I am a happy person that lives each day to find her "happiest." Some days I choose to be a "Debbie Downer," but for the most part I try to find the positive side of things. This book embraces this theory and teaches you to find the best in life.

On the heels of the SATC 2 release, (which is tonight, WOO), I thought this quote from Kristin Davis (Charlotte) was perfect. She knows what I am talking about when I mention the "Happiness Project."

Back to SATC 2... Ivanka Trump tweeted last night that it was "terrible and a 2 and a half hour infomercial which she had to leave early from." I hope I don't feel the same way, because I would hate a movie to change my feelings for my 4 great friends: Charolotte, Carrie, Miranda and Samantha.

(Did I just admit I read people's Twitter posts? The cat is out of the bag.)


  1. fun fact about Kristin Davis: recovering alcoholic. shocking right?! i love Charlotte, not as much as i love you, Ande. you are my source of happiness!

  2. Um, I did not know this. First it was Willie's hair...then Bethenny Frankel's fast post baby weight loss. Was she ever pregnant?

    And now you are telling me that MY CHARLOTTE had a drinking problem? Oh honey, we all do.