Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sarah of the Gables Turtle Creek Cityplace

Until about the age of 11, I was very into historical novels about young women: the Little House series, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, etc. Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables fame was my favorite heroine (although this title was relinquished to Elizabeth Bennett during my Freshman year of college). Before Mr. Darcy and Mr. Potter came along, my dream was to live in a gabled house on Prince Edward Island, just before the turn of the century. Back then, I truly wished to be a Canadian, not a wizard.

My how things have changed...

In August of 2007, I achieved my dream of living in a gabled house, if only in name not in structure, when I moved into my first apartment at the Gables Turtle Creek City Place with Cox and Alexis. The experience at the Gables has been happy, sad, fun, not fun, busy, lazy, and annoying all wrapped into one. Spending the past three years with my roommates and neighbors Jenny, Alexis, Cox, Mary, Strueber, Natalie, Nicky Martini, Kendall, Neil, and Liz was one of the best experiences I've ever had. It was like the Commons, but way better because I actually lived there and it wasn't nasty. But, now my time at the Gables has come to an end. Only three nights left of my three year residence here. See you later Loon, mouse at my old apartment, roaches at my current apartment, West Village, Village Burger Bar (giggle Robert), Magnolia, and finally, S I carved in the wet cement outside of the old apartment. Liz and I are the last ones to leave, and although I am very ready, I will miss it all. But just as a wise old woman once said when she left the Gables and viewed young 24 year olds moving their purple and red couches into their cheaply carpeted three floor apartment, "it is the circle of life." Indeed it is Mrs. Scarff.

On Friday I will spend my first night in my first home that I own. I will give up my dream of maple leaves and Canadian citizenship and settle on the reality that I'm just a home-owning Dallasite.

Please address me as Sarah of Monticello Crossroads going forward.

Thank you,



  1. Sniffle. Sarah of the Monticello Crossroads, that was beautiful.

  2. Oh the great "circle of life at the Gables" ...as one 20-something girl moves out, another 20-something girl moves in to find herself, to stumble across the street after too many mambos, to watch seasons of lost in their darkened living rooms, to make sangria and leave it in the refrigerator for weeks, to have late night parties that they don't remember. Sigh...it was sort of like grown-up college. Special spot in my heart for those Gables...good luck future 20-somethings moving into Apartment 164!!!

  3. congrats on the new place! i can't wait to see it.

    also, another something to make ya misty eyed. saw this when writing a lesson for my class and thought of you...