Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Boy

Recently my mom came in town for our first annual mom's weekend in Dallas (think mom's weekend in college but with older daughters and no dancing at the Fiji house). While in town, my mom suggested that I totally reassess how I am training Paul. Her advice: just like I give him treats when he sits on command, I need to start giving him treats when he pees and poops outside and stop punishing him if it happens in the house. Well, I officially started this method that Sunday, May 23rd. And, as of today, Paul has not had a single accident in the house since. This is a huge breakthrough for us because he has never been potty trained in his life, and he is already 9 in dog years (one year and four months times 7, right?). Could you imagine if you peed on your mom's new carpet when you were 9? I bet you would've felt pretty dumb. So, I am very happy about this not only for reasons pertaining to my own sanity/olfaction, but also because I am very happy for him that he no longer has to be humiliated because he can't follow the rules. I think our relationship is just getting better and better, and little Paul is wagging a lot more and barking a lot less these days. Now, if only I could teach him to sit still in the car...

Ruff ruff,


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  1. That's the cutest picture ever! Sometimes, Mom's know best!