Thursday, June 17, 2010

You've Been Iced.

You’ve been iced. These are three words I hope I never hear. The thought of chugging a Smirnoff Ice literally puts my stomach in knots. Nothing that sugary and malty should be consumed at such a fast rate, bent down on one knee.

As you may have noticed “” has been shut down. Who shut it down? The one and only Smirnoff Ice brand itself. When I read this news today, I was shocked. This whole time, I thought this was some genius marketing guy’s idea at Smirnoff. As it turns out, this is not another viral marketing stunt.

Smirnoff Ice has taken measures to stop the misuse of its Smirnoff Ice brand and is making it clear that “icing” does not comply with their marketing code. So basically what I am telling you, Christmas came early to the Smirnoff brand. With no marketing dollars, they have boost sales, and they owe it all to this cheesy little game.

So who is behind “icing?” The face behind the “Bros” website is actually a 22-year old recent college grad using the name “Joe.” “Joe” better hope Smirnoff does not take legal action, because they would definitely have a case:

“They [] are using the trademark in a way that disparages the product and exposing Smirnoff to liability. The Bros site included the name of the product, which is a trademark, as well as pictures of the product that include the brand's logo.”

My only advice- you best be packing a Smirnoff Ice at all events this summer. While the website might be down, the game has just begun. You’ve been iced.


  1. why is icing even fun? it's the dumbest thing ever! but it is fun, i have to admit. icing others, watching others being iced, even being the victim of an unexpected icing can be fun (see above picture). what IDIOT at Smirnoff wants to shut this down? it's the best thing to happen to Smirnoff Ice since the 16 year old girl!!

  2. IF someone comes to my door and tries to "ice" me...well first off I'll probably be drunk already but it's likely I'll say something like "no you're iced" and look at them like that was the best come back ever and they better just ice themselves or go home. it's not like if you don't do it you'll be sent to live with snakes or something. I don't get it really....but maybe it's because I'm not "ice cool". Gosh I kill myself.