Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

First, I apologize for being MIA this week. I've been tired, sick, and busy. But, It's Friday and I'm back!!

I thought since Ande did a recap of her Vegas trip, I should knock one out of mine this past weekend (yes it started a week ago, get over it). We here at WWandGS have a policy of always posting about vacations. So, get used to that. Even if you don't care, you should pay attention :)


Got to town super early after about two hours of sleep the night before. Met up with Kirby, Bonnie, and Stephanie. Got our room upgraded to a suite on the Prestige level at the Palazzo. Hello free champagne, happy hour, appetizers, desserts, and rubber ducky bath (no joke). Had lunch at Dos Caminos where I enjoyed an El Camino. Would like another one of those right now. Followed lunch with a champagne toast in our AWESOME suite and an afternoon at the Azure pool at the Palazzo. Thanks yankee boys for cannon balling into the pool and soaking the girl who clearly didn't want to play. Post pool we all got ready and I took the girls on their first tour of the strip. We stopped at Harrah's for cheap black jack then made our way to the Bellagio for a drink and then Mesa Grill at Caesar's for dinner. YUM. We were all super tired so we retired at Midnight and declined an invitation to party with some Dallas friends at Ghost Bar. The Bachelorette's flight had been cancelled out of Denver so we were all slightly bummed and wanted to be in tip top shape for her arrival on Saturday morning!


Everyone woke up early but me (surprise) and had breakfast in the Prestige lounge. Did I mention that was included too? Well, it was. I got down there at about 9:50, wearing makeup from the night before, glasses, and a sun hat. Betsy, are you proud? I enjoyed some grapefruit, an omelet, and some blueberry coffee cake. YUM. Then, I went back and cleaned up and met the other girls for some shopping. We stopped at Victoria's Secret and purchased some "decor" for our room as a little added gift for our bachelorette, then we headed back to the room to prepare for her arrival.

We decorated, cleaned, set up our bar, and giggled as we waited for Ashley and Ashley to arrive (yes, there was another girl named Ashley who was traveling with THE Ashley). Finally at about 12, I got the text, they were on their way! So Stephanie and I ran downstairs to get them and Bonnie and Kirby waited in the avoid any extra charges for too many people :) We took the Ashleys right up to the room and we all had some champagne while The Ashley opened her girlie gifts. Then we all put our suits on and headed to the pool...only to find it was raining :( So, instead we spent the afternoon playing black jack and winning money...and drinking.

We all got ready for the evening and went for a visit to our complimentary happy hour in the Prestige lounge. After multiple glasses of champagne, we made our way to Sushi Samba for dinner. The bachelorette was a little feisty and enjoyed half of her meal with some friends we made at the restaurant in protest to our urging to get her to complete several dares before the night's end...but we did get her to kiss a couple bald guys at the bar. The sushi was amazing, the best part for sure was the lobster tempura and the tuna sashimi. And, we had this pink sparkling sake that was pretty unreal.

After dinner we grabbed a limo and headed to Excalibur for THE THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER!!!! The crowd was trashy, the girls who went up on stage were downright nasty, but the men were oily, ripped, and flexible, so it was nice to watch them dance. In retrospect, I wish we would've paid a little bit more for the VIP seats, but then we would have been with more of the trashy crowd, so I don't know how much our bachelorette would've enjoyed that. My favorite dancer was the milkman.

After the show we went back to the hotel for a bit of pre post-partying, and freshened up for the rest of our night on the town. We chose our destination, TAO, met up with our friends from dinner, and traversed the Venetian We only had to wait for about 10 minutes before we made our way inside. Upon arriving, we were greeted with a very special treat. Flavor Flav himself drinking Hennessey at the bar. We bought him a glass (I think), took several pictures, and told him he was "a good man." (See above). My co-blogger wants to know if he smelled bad, and the answer is, I don't even remember smelling him. But, his skin was real dry. And, he had a glazed over look fo sho. But, he was LOVING the attention. FLAVA FLAVVVV!!!

Then we all made our way to the dance floor sans Flav.

Somehow or another, we all ended up separated after about 30 minutes at Tao. Some girls went to bed, I met up with a friend from Dallas, and the Ashleys proceeded to lose The Ashley's wallet in the bathroom, only to find it again with all of the cash missing. After a visit to Tao Beach and an unsuccessful search for the girls on the dance floor, we met back up with them at the Palazzo after more barefoot walking through the Venetian. Next, we stumbled about trying to find an open $15 table to no avail. One Ashley stayed and played craps until the morning. The Ashley and I went upstairs and raided the mini bar of peanut M&Ms and went to sleep.

The next morning, everyone left early except for me and the bachelorette. We had lunch by the pool and gambled for about an hour. Poor thing only won back about 1/6 of her stolen money. Just another reason why NOT to leave your purse in a Las Vegas bathroom stall...

In the end it was a lovely trip. I took away some winnings, an upper respiratory infection, and some great memories. Next up, the big day on July 31, 2010, when the bachelorette Ashley Kipping marries my little brother :) I'm so excited about that I could pee in my pants...

Winner winner chicken dinner,


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