Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Memorial Day Weekend in Review:

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Las Vegas. I have decided Las Vegas is just a Times Square on steroids with lots of gambling and peddlers selling water for $1. Unfortunately, I do not gamble, so I was unable to “call in rich” this morning, but I still had a good time. Here’s a recap of my trip… because I know you care:

We arrived to Vegas around 2pm and headed to the Bellagio to check in. From here, we went to Serendipity for lunch. There was an hour wait, so I thought we should have some drinks while we wait. 24 ounces of beer later, I was not even hungry for lunch but as usual, managed to eat everything. I have to tell you that the Serendipity in Vegas is nothing in comparison to the NYC location. The food was good, but much more franchise tasting…and the atmosphere was not there. In NYC, you are greeted with a quaint, setting. In NYC…modern and franchise-like. Needless to say, I was not impressed.

From here, we did some shopping. I know, I know, Dallas has just about the same shops… but in Vegas, you lose all your inhibitions. For some this is with gambling…. For some, this is at the bunny ranch… for me, this is with shopping. When I go to Vegas, I forget about rent and bills and pretend I am Donald Trump’s long lost kid. Sin city, baby… you just have to decide your “sin.”

Saturday Night:
CHELSEA HANDLER! She did not disappoint. And she had a surprise guest- Chewy, her Hispanic nugget on the show. When Chewy rolled out in his motor wheel chair, I screamed so loud and spilled my wine. I had hopes of him being there, and then, there he was. He was a hoot. (Image below of him on his scooter.)

Chelsea was a hoot, as usual, and very nasty with her language. I was beginning to think that the “F” word was acceptable and you could use it in any setting to make things funny.

(Side Note…speaking of office noises, the man down the hall sounds like he’s choking on a chicken bone. Seriously dude, go to lunch and hack on someone else. So annoying.)

Sunday came, and it was a time for relaxation. Big breakfast by the pool and then massage time. This was by far one of the best massages I have ever received. For some reason, I like to get deep tissue, and so I leave feeling beat up more than I do relaxed. This time, I just went in for a “relaxation massage.” Now I finally understand why people like massages so much. For the first time, I didn’t leave my massage feeling like I got my ass kicked. It was great.

Sunday night, we went to LOVE. It was wonderful. So much going on, I never knew where to look.

Here’s where the trip ends. Big breakfast and then off to the airport.

I am not the biggest Las Vegas fan, but the way we did our trip was very fitting for me, and I had a blast. Wish I were still on vacation. But alas, I am back at work, listening to awful noises being made by co-workers and trying to figure out when and where I can go on vacation to next.

Till then…..

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