Monday, June 7, 2010

More Touch Machines

As the world continues to grow…(and I am not talking population, I am talking waistlines), the last thing we probably need is a coke machine that can dispense 106 different beverage varieties, but get ready friends, it’s here, and Dallas is a test market.

Coca-Cola will be launching the “Coca-Cola Freestyle” machine this mid June. This new machine has the capability of dispensing 106 different drink varieties. When I first heard this, I was thinking a kids dream- “suicide!” (Suicide, as in the drink- when you go up to the coke machine and take a little of every drink the machine has to offer.)

But no, the drinks are pre-determined. For instance, I would pick “Coke Zero.” It would then take me to the next page and let me pick a flavor… grape coke zero? Well, why not! The machine will also come with different varieties of water, juices, teas and sparkling beverages.

So what’s so cool about this machine? I’ll tell you. It’s all touch screen, so it’s like a big iPhone. (see picture below)

This is the future kids. If you don’t already feel like George Jetson, get ready to.

I think the only thing that could make this machine better is if there was a button for liquor… .okay, I will take a Diet Coke with a splash of Jack….. mmm hmmm…. I wish I were writing to say this was coming to a bar near you. Make that a double Jack and Diet Coke, it's Monday.

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  1. This is so George Jetson! haha. Robert and I saw this the other night on TV and guess what the number one selling drink is on that machine so far, just plain old coca-cola classic...ironic isn't it?!