Tuesday, June 1, 2010

When a car becomes more than just your ride....

Is it weird how a car can become you…or how close you can feel to a car? It’s a car for goodness sakes! But if you think about how much we rely on cars, why not treat them like a family member? They get us from point A to point B, they shield us from the weather and they can even be home to a mini concert.

This post is dedicated to my good friend Goldie… better yet, Goldie Hawn-Da. In less than 3 hours, Goldie will be going to live with a new family.

Although we are losing a good friend, it’s also a new beginning. As some smart person once said, “Nothing ever really ends, it’s just a new beginning.” Cheers to new beginnings and to Goldie, and Mary.

I know this split must be hard on you both, if EVEN I am even feeling the effects.

You were a good ride, Goldie. If you would’ve stayed with us longer, I know we had a shot on MTV’s “Pimp My Ride.”

I hope to see you in OKC one day ZOOOOOOOOOOMING like Mary used to drive you.

Farewell. It’s not goodbye, it’s just see you on the road real soon.

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