Friday, March 12, 2010

Friend of the Week - Little Liz Stutts

Confessions questions

Your favorite virtue - Compassion

Your favorite qualities in a man. - Kindness

Your favorite qualities in a woman. - acceptance

Your chief characteristic - love

What you appreciate the most in your friends - loyalty

Your main fault - impatience

Your favourite occupation. - caretaker (of animals)

Your idea of happiness - being with my friends and family (and animals)

Your idea of misery. - alone in the rain (random)

If not yourself, who would you be? - Jennifer Garner

Where would you like to live? - Alicante, Spain

Your favourite colour and flower. - yellow, gardenia

Your favorite prose authors. John Steinbeck / T.S. Elliot

Your favorite poets. - I don't really have a favorite.. I'm not a huge poerty fan

Your favorite heroes in fiction. - Peter Pan, Edward Cullen (I havent finished the books.. he may be a villian)

Your favorite heroines in fiction. - Jane Eyre

Your favorite painters and composers. Claude Monet / Rachael Portman

Your heroes in real life. - Mom and Dad

Your favorite heroines in real life. Mom

What characters in history do you most dislike. - Hilter (although he would have loved me)

Your heroines in World history - Rosa Parks

Your favorite food and drink. - pizza and beer

The military event I admire the most - Civil War

The reform I admire the most -

The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with - Singing

On my Honey Do list - Unload the dishwasher, fix the shelf, cuddle with Paul, and watch the Good Wife with my roommate (love - Sarah)

What is your present state of mind. - groggy.. not feeling great today but I'm trying to pretend I feel great... Mind over Matter

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