Friday, March 5, 2010

Working for the Weekend

I woke up this morning, stressed as usual, wondering where Paul was. He came running into my room as soon as he heard the opera blaring on my alarm clock, yes I wake up to opera, and he gave me bunches of kisses. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, took a drink of water, and finally realized, "IT's FRIDAY!!!" I have had a hellish week. This weekend could not have come sooner, and I am so glad it is here.

So in case you are bored, or need some ideas on how to spend the next two days, here is my to do list:

1. Celebrate Mary Green tonight at Hotel Belmont with my best friends.
2. Spend some time with Adrienne Jones.
3. Wake up tomorrow, figure out how I am going to watch 7 movies by 7pm on Sunday.
4. Take Paul on a walk.
5. Get my hair highlighted at Avalon Salon Snider Plaza.
6. Get my hair cut at Avalon Salon West Village.
7. Find something fun to do on Saturday night so that I don't have time to watch any 7 of those movies until Sunday morning.
8. Magically add ten extra hours to Sunday so I have time to watch all of those movies.
9. Wake up on Sunday and clean my apartment.
10. If number 8 doesn't work 6:30 on Sunday call Jesse and let him know I lost our Oscars bet.
11. Watch the Oscars.
12. Do some writing.
13. Start reading You Can't Win.

Any questions?

Go play,


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