Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Friend of the Week: Robert "Bobby" Scarff

From one of our favorite friends to all of our dear readers, here are Robert Scarff's Confessions Questions:

Your favorite virtue - honesty

Your favorite qualities in a man. - work ethic, loyalty, an interest in the finer things

Your favorite qualities in a woman. - kindness, big breasts

Your chief characteristic - steadiness

What you appreciate the most in your friends - lack of pretense

Your main fault - whatever it is, it is spiritual

Your favourite occupation. - being on the PGA Tour, probably

Your idea of happiness - used to think it was doing what I love for a living, now I know it is being with who I love

Your idea of misery. - Grey's Anatomy

If not yourself, who would you be? - I wouldn't want to be anybody else, but Derek Jeter if pressed.

Where would you like to live? - Lakewood, forever. Or Austin.

Your favourite colour and flower. - Any Colour You Like; tulips

Your favorite prose authors - Salinger, Hemingway

Your favorite poets. - Lennon & McCartney

Your favorite heroes in fiction. - Sam Spade?

Your favorite heroines in fiction. - Madame Bovary. Just kidding, way overrated.

Your favorite painters and composers. - Van Gogh is pretty good... Beethoven, Satie, Copland

Your heroes in real life. - those guys with the longhorns on their helmets. and my dad

Your favorite heroines in real life. - Alexis, Mamaw, Teri, Gradma Scarff

What characters in history do you most dislike. - Nazis

Your heroines in World history - The Virgin Mary, Wilson Phillips

Your favorite food and drink. - I never tire of bar b que and beer

Your favorite names. - please look at the Garland High School football team's roster

What I hate the most. - most intensely - myself; most frequently - officials of sporting events i watch

World history characters I hate the most - hate is an awful word, but Hitler

The military event I admire the most - I admire when both sides agree to stop

The reform I admire the most - don't know, but this health care thing probably isn't it

The natural talent I'd like to be gifted with - foot speed

How I wish to die - an old woman, warm in her bed

What is your present state of mind. - "tax season, damn"

For what fault have you most toleration? - ask Al

Your favorite motto. - live and let live, baby


  1. you two make me want to live in lakewood. and i also must check out the garland roster, but this makes me feel kind of mrs. robinson'ish. great answers robert. i knew you were a keeper. i am thirsty for a beer now. wow, where did that hair on my chest come from?

  2. a. the first time Robert and i talked on the phone, he asked me what i was doing and i was on my way to go watch Grey's Anatomy. he must have thought i was on my way to hell.

    b. Robert, i'm not sure if you should have said that you hated Hitler or the Nazis. this is a pro-Hitler blog.