Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break Gossip (Because that's all I can think about this week!)

BREAKING SPRING BREAK NEWS: No, nobody’s been kidnapped, and nobody we know got knocked up, but one of our very own “Friends of the Weeks” are with Bob Stoops at this very moment. If you have to ask who Bob Stoops is, get off W.W.A.G.S.

El Fidler and Madeleine are two of the people I am mad at right now…they are Spring Breaking in Telluride. Bob Stoops followed them there! I had reports of a sighting this past Sunday, but this is confirmation. Please see proof below:

In other news, Mary M. Green will be our friend of the week this week…if she ever fills out her questions. As many of you know, she’s made her departure from Dallas, back to OKC, and we are dealing with it.

I am so excited about Bobby! I once saw him after a game in La Luna and yelled, “Bobby,” at the top of my lungs. He heard, turned around, and we waved to each other. What I would do to be his wife.

That’s all for now!

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