Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have never really watched Dancing With the Stars…minus the time Kim Kardashian and Holly Madison were on it. But I can’t get enough of it this time around, and it’s even on my DVR line up. Why you ask: KATE GOSSELIN.

Why does this woman waste so much of my time? I was a devoted John and Kate fan, I have wasted countless amount of money on tabloid magazines that have her face plastered on them, and I have also read one of her books.

I want nothing more than for her to succeed on Dancing with the Stars. But she has me worried.

Last night, if you watched, she counted her 8 counts as she was dancing, she watched her partner for the next dance moved, and to be quite honest, she looked scared shitless. If I could talk to her, I would tell her, “Kate drink a bottle of wine before showtime.” Lord knows I can cut one heck of a rug after drinking.

However, I was thrilled the show’s wardrobe people put her in a better looking costume. Loved the red lipstick- she finally looked alive. I will continue to vote for her, and I truly hope her next performance she won’t look so scared.

Anyone else think Pamela Anderson looks preggars? Put a spanx on it, girl.

I hope I come up with some better blogging material- never did I think I would be this interested in D.W.T.S. I would contribute a morning post to it.

By the way…where are the 8 kids, and wear is John? Probably cruising the Caribbean with Ed Hardy again.
Oh and Breaking NEWS, you heard it here first - I believe Heidi and Spencer maybe done-zo. I miss Laguna Beach and my home girls L.C. and Lo.....

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