Monday, March 1, 2010

Operation Oscars: Double Feature Failure

Hello everyone. Happy Monday. This weekend I had every intention of seeing two movies on Sunday - An Education and Crazy Heart. Saturday I ended up working until a little after 5, so I was unable to get anything done around the house, spend time with Paul, etc. So I decided instead of the double feature to just go see Up in the Air at 4:50. Well, we all know that the hockey game went into over time, and I felt like I should watch the end of it, which I did. Then I decided to wait and go see the movie at 7:20. I cozied up in my bed to read the Help for a bit. I fell asleep...dreamed about Clooney. Woke up at 7:35. I missed Clooney. I did not follow through on any of my theater-going intentions. So, instead, I just watched A Serious Man.

I had heard mixed reviews about this movie beforehand, and wasn't super exciting, but had to watch at least one movie this weekend so I chose that one. I can't really say I liked it, or that I even really understood it (especially not the ending), but I did laugh at times, and I definitely felt sorry for the main character. I guess you could say I appreciated it, but it is still nowhere close to Avatar in the running for choice for best picture. I can't believe I just admitted to preferring James Cameron over the Coen brothers. I promise people, this is the first and only time this will happen! Just so you know, I like O Brother Where Art Thou more than Avatar (Clooney, Homer, and the Coen Brothers - HELLO!!!)

I am hoping to watch one movie tonight, one tomorrow, one Wednesday, and the rest Saturday and Sunday. I have decided that I am no longer going to tell you all about my plans, because like Jenny always says, "[I] never do what [I] say I am going to do." Instead, I am just going to tell you what I think about each movie after I watch it. I won't lie about any of them I promise. You will know if Operation Oscars is a dud. I hope you care, and even if you don't, I hope you read it anyway :)



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  1. I am anticipating operation oscars to never happen.