Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Friday!

I am sooo ready for the weekend! Granted, I will be working late tonight, and tomorrow afternoon, but I don't care! I am just happy it is Friday!

This weekend is going to be a good one, I hope. Lots and lots planned, and that's the way I like it!

To all those who are interested, I will be enjoying a double feature this Sunday at the Angelika beginning at 1:20pm. I am going to start with An Education at 1:20 followed by Crazy Heart at 4:30. If things get really out of hand, I might take a break for dinner and Desperate Housewives after that, and then head to the Magnolia at 9:50 for Up in the Air. Please let me know if you want to join me...I don't mind going alone, but would love the company!

As of last night I now have a wager placed on my ability to see all of these Oscar contenders, except Precious, by next Sunday. We all know how much I like to gamble, so I think this little incentive will push me right past the finish line...even if I have to watch A Serious Man, District 9, and The Hurt Locker on Sunday before the big show.

Anyway, I hope everyone has wiped off their smoldy Thursday tears, pulled themselves together, and started the rally for the weekend. I am so ready!

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