Monday, February 15, 2010


Yellow everyone! So this weekend I tried out a lot of new places and one new thing in Dallas, and I feel like sharing with all of you beautiful readers. Here you go:

Kismet: Friday night birthday bash for Venk, Lackey, and Bucky Rob = One of the best nights out in awhile! Happy birthday to you all!!!

Tacos Y Mas: Saturday late morning, decided to try a new breakfast taco place with Patrick. Delicious tacos, but very cold and wet outside while waiting at the pick up window.

Veritas: Saturday early evening, champagne and cupcake tasting with two of my favorite friends (Liz and Norton - Kendra, thank you for the recommendation we have to go back when it is less crowded). The cupcakes came from Citizen Sweet and were all natural and just a little bit bigger than bite size. SO GOOD - the creamy dreamy vanilla cupcake was just about the best thing I have ever had.

Terellis: Saturday night with same favorite friends mentioned above. The place isn't new (duh, I go there every other weekend) but I did try the mussels for the first time, and I tell you what, I was not disappointed. I think I might start getting those now instead of the Italchos. This is just typical of me because I always order mussels every time I see them on the menu, and I hadn't at Terellis because I liked other stuff so much I didn't want to get stuck on the damn mussels. I guess you can't avoid the inevitable, right?

Whole Foods in Lakewood: Enjoyed some Sunday afternoon grocery shopping with the Scarves. Had never been to this location before. Bought some awesome cheese and tapenade. Definitely my favorite Whole Foods in Dallas.

So, after trying all of these new things this weekend, and having very positive results, I am going to try to do new things all week. Tonight I might even work out. I will let you know how that goes...



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