Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Introduction.

Well, hello, fancy seeing you here. I am having many thoughts as to what to write about on my first post. Technically, this isn’t my first post to a blog. In 2007, I had a blog for about 2 whole days till I decided I had nothing to tell the world. But everyone has something to tell the world- just like Oprah said many years ago: “Everyone has a Story.” I would be lying if I said I didn’t like to talk about myself, but really, I feel like most of my readers know me. My story begins in Oklahoma and it has led me to present day, in Dallas. I have no idea if I want to live here my entire life, but I do know I am here now. I enjoy tanning, running, being with my hubby…okay, I am kidding. I am totally mocking facebook “about me’s” right now, and my loathe for the word “hubby.” Sorry it’s true. The “hubs” is even worse. But really to sum me up:

OCD – I like things so in order, I will be late to work to make sure my bed is made.

Happy – I strive for this every day. There’s no reason not to live in the moment and to be so thankful and happy. As my mother always says, “stop complaining, you have all your arms and limbs.” It’s so true. I also found out last night how happy I get when coloring. (Thank you Jessica for the awesome Fashion Coloring Book!)

Gamer – Well, since this past Monday, that is. I love the Wii.

Rhonda – I randomly named myself this for when times I felt large, in charge and obnoxious and wearing leopard…I originally got this from Road Trip. Don’t ask. But the name has stuck. Some days, I feel like introducing myself as Rhonda, or Rhonnie.

Today Show – You could say I am obsessed. But how could you not be? You wake up with Matt, Meredith, Anne and Al (cough cough, he’s my least favorite) every morning. They are family. And don’t forget the crowd staple: LENNY. I will meet him when I go to NYC in May. It’s my goal. If you don't know who I am talking about, please look for the man that is in the crowd, always bundled up- the cast sits up in front of him every morning, and sometimes, just sometimes, they give a shout out to him.

Old Age - I am determined to be the oldest woman living one day. Better knock out the booze, I know.

(That’s all I will give you now- you will have to tune in to find out more about me.)

As you know, Sarah and I have decided to start blogging about whatever comes to our mind. Having a dual blog will allow us to tell two stories…two different people that were brought together to blog by the love of glow sticks and white wine. Did that just make sense? I should probably go ahead and put a disclaimer out that I do not use proper grammar. I try. I can honestly say I try, but 9 times out of 10, I fail. Bare with me.

So throughout the day, I have many random thoughts that cross my mind. Some of them so random, I just want to share with people. Glow Sticks and White Wine will now be my outlet to get things out. Here is a random thought I would like to share with you today:

Why when you whisper to someone, they whisper back? No, I am not talking in a quiet movie. This just happened. I was walking down the hall, and I whispered, “hi.” (real question is why was I whispering when I could have been at a high octave level, we will never know) But why did the gentleman whisper “hi” back. But think about it- when people whisper to you, you just automatically whisper back. Try it now.

Okay, my random thought is not transpiring well when I write it out, so enough with that. Please don’t quit reading. I feel tomatoes being thrown at me already.

On to new news, we will be holding our first book club meeting this evening. Our first book topic will be The Bell Jar. Annoyingly, I can’t stop saying, “I feel like I am in a bell jar today,” because I like using it in context. Looking forward to talking about the book and really looking forward to socializing and “wining.” Nothing like a good glass of white wine to make up for a “day.” As I always say, if I were a smoker, “today is definitely a two pack day.” (I don’t smoke, but I know today would be a 2-packer.)

I had to buy 3 tires today for my sedan. (love calling cars, sedans) I feel like I should have just thrown the money out the window. At least I know my tires are in good shape as I am flying down the highway honking at everyone that I feel is getting in my lane. I am an over-obsessive honker. It’s out of control really. I honked at a nice, good looking gentleman the other day, and he flipped me off! I am still in shock. I was expecting him to flash me his pearly whites or tell me to pull over to get my digits- nope, he gave me the BIRD.

Well, check back soon, because I expect great things to be posted to this site. If you are interested in making a guest appearance, please feel free to contact us and we will make this happen.

Hmm… I would like to end with the same ending on all posts, but I don’t know what that could be. Maybe just XOXO... or how about, "may the force be with you." I once was interviewing a girl at my last job, and that's what I told her as she was leaving! She was probably so nervous, and I ended the interview, "may the force be with you." It got real awkard. Speaking of awkward, today I was on the phone trying to spell a name for a woman, "c as in cat...d as in dog... T as in TEA." HELLO RHONDA. T as in TEA. She definitely won't get that confused with another letter. Okay, really, I am probably boring you, and I am probably about to get fired.

May the force be with you. (and yours.)


  1. Oh RHONDA... I look forward to many more of these :) Muy bueno amiga.

  2. Love it!!! Keep 'em coming, Rhon, blogging is good for the soul!!

  3. is this really happening?! will you link to my third grade class blog? kidding... but really, all the cognitive leaps/tangents are amazing. can't wait for more!

  4. I'm sitting at my desk and cannot stop laughing.. T as in Tea..