Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiny Dancer

I. can’t. stand. it. any. longer.

I wasn’t going to say anything today, but I can’t hold it in any longer. I just read about the concert on our friends “Spooniest’s” blog, and I have to share my excitement.

The day is almost here: ELTON JOHN IN CONCERT. Yes Billy will be there too, and I love him, but I am CRAZY for Elton.

How does one become obsessed with such a self absorbed “Bitch?” I have no idea. He says rude, cruel things, and I still love him.

Elton and I’s relationship goes way back. I feel like I came out of the womb singing Tiny Dancer. Here are some fun facts:

1. This will be my 7th concert. 2 of the 7 concerts, I traveled to Vegas for. (If you haven’t seen the Red Piano tour, either buy the DVD set (which is greatness), or get to Vegas. It’s an awesome show that David LaChapelle helped to create.)

2. I once stole a Elton John clothes hanger from the Elton “gift shop” in Vegas (I have never admitted this.)

3. I have 2 Elton John vintage pictures hanging in my apartment.

4. I tear up at every concert. Everyone of them.

5. I know it’s going to be a good day when I am driving to work and Elton is playing. (Yes, I still listen to the Radio. Traffic reports are important now that I commute…that’s why I ended up on Harry Hines Blvd this morning almost getting lost.)

6. My favorite kareokee song is a Elton John duet…”Don’t go breaking my heart.” I somehow usually end up singing this tune alone and having to handle both parts.

7. I will be buying a commemorative t-shirt tomorrow night. I am that girl if you couldn’t tell by now.

Well, hopefully nobody is judging me out there. We all have our quirks.

I’ll give you a full report Friday or Monday…and yes, I’ll be packing at the concert. PACKING BINOCULARS. I like to get a look at every detail from his earrings to the beading on his suites.

It’s funny, because Elton gets a little chubbier every time I see him. Chubs.


  1. Ande, I have seen Elton twice! Once in OKC for the dueling piano tour with Billy and once in Vegas for the red piano tour! I LOVE HIM!!!

  2. Jenny made out with Daniel Weaver at an Elton John concert. We went and drank at Chili's with our fake id's before the concert. True life.