Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friend of the Week - Wednesday Edition

The Banana Kick

Following our conversation about El Fidler's musical ability, I decided to dig a little bit deeper and find out some other proud moments in his life. So, naturally, I asked him, "what other moments have made you proud?" My notes on this question are a little bit helter skelter, so I may have some major misquotes here. El, please correct me if I am wrong.

El Fidler:

On Baseball...

One time my 7th grade baseball coach, Mr. Panky, wrote on a baseball that every kid wanted to be me and that I was so good at sports. And, he even had a kid our age. I hit an .838 in little league baseball.

On Soccer...

I was playing goalie on the dusters, my under 10 soccer team...I was in the Bear League, Jack was in the less competitive Jenks League (haha).

Ande: was dusters short for the crop dusters?


Ande: does anyone get that? I bet Wrigley is a crop duster.


El Fidler:

So it was the semi-finals of the state tournament about a minute left and we have a corner kick and my dad pulls me out of goalie to do the corner kick because I am the only one who can do a banana kick. (make sure you include the banana kick). I kicked it directly into the goal. I spun it right in!

Mrs. El Fidler: Do you have any proud moments past 12?

El Fidler: I can't really think of anything past 12 years old. But, I got into business school.


And it is not as good as the banana kick.

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