Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Abbey Road

Today is a very special day. Abbey Road Studios was given protective status by the British government, meaning that this iconic studio will be protected as an English Heritage Site. Those of you who are not familiar, and I will be shocked if that actually applies to anyone who knows me, Abbey Road is the studio where the Beatles recorded almost all of their albums, and the namesake of Abbey Road, the last studio album the Beatles ever recorded. Different Beatles albums have played different roles in my life over the years. For some reason, Abbey Road is the album I always put on when I am very stressed out and need to relax...this happens A LOT. I don't know what it is but as soon as I hear track one, Come Together, my mind is at rest. I get chills when I get to the medley...and don't even get me started on The End. Then there is the nice little treat, just like a little dessert, with Her Majesty. I could listen to Abbey Road all day. All of you should have a listen today. I love it so much I even named my dog Abbey Road when I was 11 years old. She was the first of the Smith dogs with Beatles names.

Anyway, when I was in London about this time six years ago I had the opportunity to traverse the crosswalk made famous by the fab four. We walked around for hours before we found it, once we did, I cried. See below for a live webcam of people crossing the street at Abbey Road. If you watch long enough maybe you will see some tourists dodging traffic to take pictures of their friends doing their best John/Paul/George/Ringo impression...

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  1. You introduced me to your therapy of Abbey Road sophomore year at the Kappa house. I can attest that it is life-changing. Every note of that cd has meaning. I also love that live link of Abbey Road...hilarious. I'm probably on hidden camera right now.