Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The New Weight Loss Secret?

Last night, I was treating myself to Eatzi’s, and I noticed the girl in front of me was stocking up on this juice. I usually snarl my nose at juice, because I think it is just pointless calories. (…unless it’s Gatorade 2, Fruit Punch. I don’t know what I would do without G2 after a night out.)

But last night, something caught my eye. The juice is called, “Function: Light Weight.” I knew I had to have this juice. But then again, I pretty much will buy anything that “guarantees weight loss.” Yes, I have even slummed as low as buying Hydroxy Cut sugar packets to put in my water. PLEASE NOTE: It tasted terrible and did nothing.

Back to the Juice. Please take a moment to digest what the label says:

“Inside this bottle is a physician-developed formula of powerhouse ingredients designed to ignite your natural metabolism. …..rev up and support your body’s natural calorie burning abilities….naturally curbing your sugar cravings and helps maintain normal carbohydrate metabolism and control.”

I mean, where has this juice been all of my life? So you are probably thinking, it’s 200 calories. NO SIR. The entire 16.9 oz bottle is only 10 whole calories. Some sticks of gum have 5 calories!

It could be a costly addiction, but much less than gastric bypass, and much less than Starbuck’s Coffe: $2.29 per bottle.

I have had the entire bottle, and I am not feeling any side effects. However, I do have some extra energy this morning- ready to get things done. BUT…that could also be due to the fact that Bravo’s new hit TV show, “Kell’s Hell,” is making me want to be a harder worker. Like Kell says, “POWER WOMEN.”

Maybe the juice is working… I have used way too many “caps” in this posting.

Buy the juice- see what happens.

I can feel by bum shrinking by the minute. Sike.


  1. anything that helps me to work out instead of come home and eat chocolate mousse is needed!! give me this juice!!

  2. You all make me smile! I love reading your blog!