Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am busy and LOST

Devoted followers, did you know that this is the second time since WWANDGS has started that Ande and I have made a post at EXACTLY the same time? CRAZY.

I am having a DAY. And, by DAY I do not mean a day where I overuse all caps. I will stop that NOW. I am just so damn busy my head is spinning. But that is the nature of the business, right? Ebbs and flows. That is what they told me in my interview anyway...

I don't have much to say today because I am just kind of hopping around all over the place and I can't really be creative right now. I would, however, like to say that I am so happy that Lost is back on. Tuesdays used to be my second to last favorite day of the week, and they are quickly replacing Wednesdays as my fourth favorite day.

My comments on last night's show: (Don't read this if you haven't watched it yet) I just love Jack and Sayid. I literally cried last night when Jack took that pill so that the weirdo in the temple would tell him what was in it. I cried even harder when Kate and Sawyer were sitting on the dock and he was telling her that he was going to ask Juliet to marry him. I screamed when I saw Ethan in the hospital. WTF. Then, at the end I cried and screamed because I was so happy to see Claire again, but so sad to know the she is now kind of evil. But, I just have to say that all of these tears were just an expression of how much I love this damn show and how frustrated I am ALREADY becoming because they are not answering enough of my QUESTIONS. There are only 14 episodes left!!! There is no time for filler episodes!!! I know most of you agree with me. I need to watch it again to see if there is anything I didn't pick up on. If I am still lost (haha) after that, I might scream (again)...If I am still lost at the end of the season, I will just give up on television forever.

In other is my little sis Shelby's birthday. Happy birthday little! I love you!!! (Although, I don't know if you read this blog or not...I think I will call you to tell you happy birthday too in case you don't get this).

So everyone, remember...

Live together, die alone.



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