Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Friend of the Week - Tuesday Edition

Oshkin Slaughters

Not many of you know this about El Fidler, but he is a very talented baritone singer. During our interview last Saturday I asked him to please explain how he realized this amazing talent, the following exchange took place:

El Fidler: Around 4th grade I was having a hard time getting off the couch. I had Oshkin Slaughters in my knees.

Mrs. El Fidler: OMG no you did not!

El Fidler: Yes I did! I still have bumps from it! (SIDENOTE: Matt Colter had it too). I grew to six feet in fifth grade. So I was changing...

I was the first one in my grade to have armpit hair, which Jack realized in the hot tub. Make sure to put this in there, there were a bunch of girls in the hot tub too.

So my voice got really deep and I did 5th grade choir and that's when I got pulled aside by the music teacher and she said I should "stick with music, that's where your future is." She even called my mom to tell her that.

So readers, what do you think about this? Should we have El Fidler sing karaoke far more often??? I think so.


  1. I love this. I think I said something more like "liar" but "OMG no you did not" works too. My vote for Friend of the Week next week is Jamie Judd.

  2. This is hilarious. Todd- I insist you sing for me the next time I see you!!

  3. My friend Bo and I in the 4th grade used to make Todd show us his armpit hair when we went swimming because we thought it was so cool. I was pretty pissed that mine didnt come in till around 4 years later.

  4. oh and Todd didnt even speak to any girls till around 11th grade so now way he was sitting in a hot tub with them.

  5. I wish Todd would have pursued singing, like been in the OU choir. I also wish that Mad was the first girl Todd ever talked to EVER. haha.

    And I second the nomination for Jamie Judd as next weeks, Friend of the Week. She loves attention.